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  1. Wondering if you would be interested in licensing your games. i was unable to find a way to contact you directly. Please let know. Thank you

  2. Greetings. I’m a number cruncher, FORTRAN was a big part of my life. Lately I’ve been setting up my LAN to do computation intensive stuff, like being able to calculate how bodies are supposed to move. I run Linux, Devuan in particular. I wasn’t sure if I need to install renpy related stuff, but it seems after using emacs in dired mode that you have a complete renpy environment in your tarball. I just have AMD CPUs and AMD GPUs. And I am trying to stay to open source, so GPU access is via the MESA libraries, and I am trying to keep close to the latest released stuff. I haven’t seen any rendering problems, but I am not exploring your “data space” anywhere near what could be done. I looked in some of your .rpy files, and there are not a lot of comments there. 🙂

    In some (all?) of the nightclub dancing segments, my ability to follow a tune is horrible. In playing the “game”. Basically, I am not hearing anything on my speakers; or rather not anything different. One of my computers serves 1950’s type music, and that is what I have running most of the time. It may be that your “game” provides a music track and it isn’t being noticed. But it could be that I have 17 left feet, and I am horrible at dancing anyway. 🙂 No reason for you to follow Linux, but I’ll blame Lennart.

    As near as I can tell, you are very good at what you are doing. I haven’t gone looking to see if there are signs of blender usage, but the Python is well structured and consistent.

    Have a great day!

    • The game does indeed play music in the dance section, but even with the volume down and playing what you want, the dance can be done. The code looks for consistency of time between beats, so it doesn’t matter what music you are playing. It throws out outliers so it is forgiving.

      • Are you talking consistent in the sense that a FFT of the data shows only one (or a small number) of peaks? Just curious.

        A couple more traceback last entries (I have copy/paste of more here, if needed):

        While running game code:
        File “game/makeout.rpy”, line 225, in script
        show expression MOTouchHair[dress] at top
        Exception: Not a displayable: 0

        image ‘swimdive6’ not found

        Your work with the renpy workset is quite impressive.

  3. Is this enough info on an exception?

    While running game code:
    File “game/house.rpy”, line 1323, in script
    TypeError: expected string or buffer

  4. Sou muito fã do Date ariane e agora estou jogando o Algo Esta no Ar, no windows, e não estou conseguido o encontro com a Paula, pois não apareçe a opção ficar em casa jogando on-line como a wiki sugeri, como faço pra obter essa missão é ultima que falta para concluir o jogo, no mais é isso e parabéns pelo trabalho!

  5. Hey Ariane,

    I was wondering, are you ever gonna make a SITA HD? Although I can’t even begin to think about how hard that is, upscaling thousands (possibly millions but I may be over exaggerating that) of images to 1080p. Plus, entirely separate (maybe more important) projects to work on as well. As someone who is currently in college for Game Design, I can see the massive workload on your shoulders. I was just curious.


  6. Great games. I got an uncaught exception:

    File “game/makeout.rpy”, line 215, in script
    show expression MOTouchHair[dress] at top
    Exception: Not a displayable: 0

    Need more info?

  7. I have played the Spanish version (Something’s in the air) and I have to say using Google translator never was a good idea.

    I know nothing about programming but I could translate the texts if you send them me by e-mail. Contact me if you like the idea.

    By the way, English PC version is corrupted or something every time I download it 😦

    Good work anyway.

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