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The Internet Dream is Dead!

Whatever Happened To The Internet Dream? Part 1: Bored of the Internet Part 2: The Death of Politics and Religion Part 3: The Decline of Movies and TV Part 4: Trapped in an Andrew Niccol Film Part 5: The Tech Apocalypses Part 6: Internet Memes are Destroying Civilization Part 7: The Dream Is Dead! I’ve been working on various different

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State of the Internet: Filled With Fraud

In the last year, I wrote about government interference in the internet, and corporate interference of the internet, but there is another group that has to be acknowledged, the users themselves who often use illegal means to make money online.  This group is decentralized and located all over the world.  The internet is filled with fraud. Advertising Fraud Hucksters infected

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Porn Bans Are Just The Beginning

This month the most popular unfiltered social media site Tumblr has banned porn, nudity and any other sexual content starting December 17th 2018. Of course sites have every right to ban whatever they want, I’m not that upset about the ban itself, although it likely means I’ll be off the platform in the future. I maintained a couple of pages

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The Age of Facebook is Over

As my last post documented there is a plague on the internet that is having a negative affect on civilization as a whole.  Facebook is the leading cause of this plague, and despite many opportunities, has completely failed to do anything about it.  Pretty much every open group has been taken over by trolls and spam and it is impossible

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The Tech Apocalypses

Whatever Happened To The Internet Dream? Part 5 (read part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4) Between national news and recent personal experiences, I believe we are on the verge of one or more technical apocalypse. This could come two possible forms: Either, technology advances to the point that it bypasses the need for humanity, or we grow more

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