SITAR Paths to 26 endings

This page exists to give more info to complete the 26 ending in Something’s In The Air Redux.

The game has these paths built in reachable by clicking on “help” in the main menu or Preferences window, then enabling the path you want to follow. You can enable as many paths as you want at one time, though that is likely to be confusing.

Some paths are not always available at the beginning and rely on other paths to be completed before they become available. I’ll point these out.

SITAR Paths for Ariane

SITAR Paths for Rachel

SITAR Paths for Wendy

SITAR Path for Paula

Other SITAR paths

Rachel Meets Ariane path

There are two other stories whose paths are not necessary as they are trivial. I won’t divulge the titles, but they are two ending stories. The first unlocks after doing at least 20 paths, could be as high as 26. When you see that it has been unlocked, start a new game and it should say “ENDING INTRODUCTION”. If you think you are eligible for this first ending but haven’t seen a prompt, go to Gallery and “Show Completed Endings” and it will recheck the count.

The second unlocks after all 26 endings are done and the first ending is done. It will appear immediately after you finish the first ending, or immediately after you finish the 26th path with ending already completed.