Date Ariane Remastered Achievements

Multidate achievements
1. kiss (1, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000)
2. sex (1, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000)
3. date (1, 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000)
4. All 5 Dinners Do the paths Pizza Dinner, Steak Dinner, Pants Off At the Park, Start of a Romantic Evening, and Backyard Picnic to get this achievement.

House Achievements
1. Rochambeau– You beat Ariane in Rock Paper Scissors
2. Couch Sex – You had sex on the couch
3. Six Pack – Together you down an entire six pack of beer
4. Yahtzee – Rolled a double while playing a board game, or win a game of pachisi
5. Dance Champion – Danced with Ariane 7 times in a date
6. Three Naked In Bed – You spend the night naked with Ariane and Rebecca, but nothing happens
7. A Quickie – After a short meal, you and Ariane get to business on the couch, then call it a night
8. Green Fairy – After drinking Absinthe you blacked out
9. Ariane Owes You A Favor – You get into Ariane’s pants, but the favor is not returned
10. Lucky Spin – Land a park photo shoot spin without cheating
11. Impromptu Strip Show – Ariane removes both bikini parts in a single dance session
12. Kitchen Disrobe – Ariane goes from dressed to naked while drinking beer
13. Cheap Thrills – Before you pay for dinner, touch Ariane’s boob and see her naked
14. Boobie Prize – Your affection for Ariane’s breasts has not gone unnoticed

Backyard Achievements
1. Hot Sex – Sex in the hot tub
2. Hand Job – Ariane gives you a hand job in the hot tub
3. Wet Clothes – Ariane jumped into the pool or hot tub dressed
4. Backyard Play – Do everything in the backyard in one date
5. Hide and Seek – After stealing her top, Ariane steals your shorts and hides them
6. Steal From Rebecca – On a dare, Ariane steals Rebecca’s clothes
7. Topless Picnic – Get Ariane to have an outdoor picnic without a bikini top
8. Wrong Breast – You grab Rebecca’s breast
9. You Got Mail – You dare Ariane to check her mail wearing nothing but a cowboy hat
10. Swim Champ – Beat Ariane in swimming
11. Underwater Explorer – You lose the race but you get a great view
12. Voyage to the Moon – Ariane is inspired by the moon to take her dress off
13. Squeeze Play – Ariane grabs your willy while skinny dipping

Downtown Achievements
1. Designated Driver – Drive a drunk Ariane home and tuck her into bed
2. Trivia Buff – Get all 5 trivia questions right
3. Devil In A Blue Dress – Get Ariane a rather revealing dress
4. Topless Model – Ariane shows her new underwear sans bra
5. Bottomless Model – Ariane shows her new bra, and nothing else
6. Naked to Nightclub – Bring Ariane downtown while naked and get her into the nightclub
7. Twinkle Toes – Prove yourself to be a DECENT dancer
8. Shopping Spree – Buy a dress and underwear during your trip downtown
9. Rebecca Shirtless – Ariane inspires Rebecca to take her shirt off at the bar
10. Let’s Go To The Mall (finish dinner at home with extra “nice” points and then let Ariane drive to town)
11. Downtown Nudity – Boob flash at 4 locations downtown (dress shop, lingerie, bar, street)

Neighborhood Achievements
1. Nude Pics in the Park – Get Ariane to remove some clothes during a park photoshoot
2. Shutterbug – Over many dates, you do all 5 versions of the park photoshoot
3. Three for Three – Both you and Ariane make all 3 shots you try
4. Air Ball – You go 0 for 3 playing hoops with Ariane
5. Nice Uniforms – You and Ariane play basketball in swim attire
6. Naked Ball – Ariane shoots free-throws naked
7. Great Outdoors – Go to the lake or mountains and the park on the same date
8. Playing Without Pants – Ariane plays on the monkey bars without pants
9. Playing Without Clothes – Ariane demonstrates gymnastics in the nude
10. Naked Beer Run – Get Ariane to buy beer naked
11. Well Protected – Buy condoms five times in the same trip
12. Ice Cream Run – Go get ice cream, without a shirt on

Fiesta Achievements
1. Art Expert – Go 6 for 6 on your art knowledge
2. Nude Art – Get Ariane to visit the museum naked
3. Dizzy – A trip to the amusement park get’s Ariane sick
4. Mirror Maze – Break in to the fun house
5. The Vortex – A trip to the amusement park get’s Ariane wet
6. Pure Poetry – Make up a poem at a poetry slam gat gets the crowd’s approval

Lake Achievements
1. Ski Trip – Ariane does some skinny skiing
2. Moonlight Serenade – Romantic walk on the beach gets hot
3. Wet Dress – Ariane falls into the lake with her dress on
4. Head Stand – You get Ariane to do a head stand on the beach

Scenic View Achievements
1. Moon for the Camera – Playing with the camera phone, you take pictures of each others butts
2. True Artist – You stop taking photos after getting the perfect shot
3. Money Shot – The photo shoot reaches the “porn” level
4. Blow Job – You get Ariane to give you a blow job
5. Kiss Where it Counts – Return the favor after the blow job

Cabaret Achievements
1. Amateur Night Victory – Ariane wins the cabaret dance contest
2. Win Without Nudity – Ariane wins the dance contest with her parts covered
3. Live Sex Act – Ariane basically masturbates on stage
4. Two Nude Dancers – Both Rebecca and Ariane get naked on stage
5. A Dirty Mind – You get Ariane to think about a three way

Special Dates
1. Casual Date – Have a date rated 7 or higher without changing clothes
2. Friendly Date – Have a date rated 7 or higher as “just friends”
3. Perverted – You have proven yourself too sexy for Ariane
4. Kiss you all over – You Kissed Ariane in 4 different places on the same date
5. Sex Endurance – You had sex with Ariane three times on the same date