Ariane in Paradise Dev History

I started work on Ariane in Paradise in spring of 2018.  I had a couple of ideas I was toying around with, one of which was a multi date romance story with Ariane, and one was to expand on the Ariane epilogue of Something’s In The Air.

At the time I was writing scripts that converted games made with Tlaero’s Adventure Creator into Renpy games.  The majority of these games were written by Tlaero and Chaotic.  My versions of the Tlaero games were officially released, but I own the only copies of Renpy versions of Chaotic games.

One of the games was a short but enjoyable game with 4 endings called Miranda.  This is a game that Chaotic rushed out a few years ago.  The shortness of the story and the simplistic graphics of the game made me want to remake it, then I got the idea to remake it using Ariane.  I told Chaotic what I was doing and got permission to continue.  The meet up in both games up to the lobby are nearly identical plot wise, though I rewrote about 90% of the dialogue.

I also used the same objective: Both games require you to find 4 facts about the girl before you can move out of the introduction.  I also remade a clever coral reef game and a game of volleyball from Miranda.

June 2018: The First announcement.

August 2018: Finished a couple of “Day 1” paths.

November 2018: Finished “Day 1”.

Spring of 2019: Lots of work on “Day 2”.

May of 2019: Finished “Day 2” mostly.

The last segment of Day 2 was a Sailboat Adventure. I know little about sailing so I had to rely on a writers best friend: research.  I decided that I should watch some You Tube videos on the subject, and typed in “How To Sail” in the search, which led me to this short crash course on the subject.

Now the thing with You Tube is that after you express interest in a topic, it of course starts feeding you related videos, and that’s when I discovered the SV Delos channel, which led to hours of entertaining well produced videos about a couple of brothers sailing around the world often bringing sexy young adventurers along with them.  I pretty much spent most of the summer binge watching the channel, learning things like most islands don’t have marinas, they have anchorages (which are way easier to build 3D sets for), and that most people that live on sailboats have little to no privacy or modesty, which helped me create my sailing couple.

The SV Delos also mostly funds their adventures via Patreon, and I decided to try and do the same thing.  I released the first two paths of Day 1 in June 2018, adding the yacht path in July. In August I added the hiking path from Day 2, with plans to do the rest of day 2 in September.

Then some real life drama happened in August and without going into detail, lets just say I suddenly had a lot of time to work on Ariane in Paradise full time.  I basically finished the game in August 2019.  So instead of releasing all of Day 2 to Patreons in September, I released all of Day 2 and 3 to Patreons.  After a number of rewrites of the sailing section and the Day 3 stuff, I released version 1.0 to Patreons, with a promise to release the game for free to everybody in early 2020.  I actually released it in Christmas of 2019.