DAR Build Notes


Re-rendered about 77 images on the couch, the garage, downtown and the amusement park to improve lighting and focus.


Fix a rare missing file bug and updated the cover photo so the background looks blurry


A Steam only patch to get some broken Steam Achievements working again.


Updated several graphics so that Date Ariane Remastered and Something’s In The Air Redux match.


Fixed a bug when going to convenience store and player has had too much to drink and Ariane is in her black dress, you now properly walk to the store.

Fixed an issue with the “Kiss You all Over” achievement where the game was not giving credit to kisses on the lake during the “Romantic Walk on the Beach” path

Fixed a small issue with the “Wet Clothes” achievement.

Fixed an issue when in “Show All” achievements mode not showing all of the achievements when there was more than one to show.

Fixed a major bug where after swimming and you call a ride, Ariane takes a shower and forgets that she called the ride and wants to drive.

Fixed a minor bug where after checking the mail with dry hair, Ariane returns home with wet hair.