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New Look!

Since opening the store, my focus on this website is changing. Primary focus: 1. My games, 2. My game related art (Pics of the week), 3. Other adult visual novels, 4. Whatever else I want to blog about. With that in mind I redesigned the website. “Ariane’s Life in the Metaverse” is out, “Date Ariane Games” is in. Even added

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In real life, I am packing up and moving 1800 miles, or 2900 kilometers, and that is taking up some time, so I am neglecting this website for now. Hoping for new stuff this summer! I’m noticing a lower demand for the free Date Ariane patch, I will be discontinuing it in early June. At some point, I will offer

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Time to Open a Store

As someone who watches the trends of the internet, I did not see this one coming. With so many stuck at home with people dependent on the internet for both entertainment and work, it was bound to happen: Bandwidth is a commodity. I did not think it would affect me as I only have maybe 20 GB of files worth

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Downloads Are Disabled

Sorry, but downloads have been disabled temporarily on this website. It looks like the new internet economy reached me. My file host Mediafire, is now charging me for download bandwidth, and I can’t afford how popular this website is. I need to find a way to host the game files that’s cheap and can support how popular my games are.

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Dumping Facebook Page

I’ve decided to drop my Date Ariane page on Facebook with its over 4000 likes and followers.  Facebook is super irresponsible in the social media world and politics, and I want nothing to do with tacitly supporting them. Yeah I know, they aren’t going to care one iota about me erasing my page, especially since I never once purchased any

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New Theme!

I decided I needed a change for a couple of reasons.  The “Hemingway” site theme I was using is overused across the wordpress world.  Since switching to it last year, the format of this site has changed quite a bit with the weekly pictures, many of which contain nudity, which I don’t mind displaying, but I prefer it not be

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