Dark Mode


Felt like my website needed a change, so I thought I’d join the trend of implementing a “Dark Mode”, or more accurately a dark palate.  My “Plane” theme I have been using does not have such a mode, so I changed to a “Hemingway Rewritten” theme.  It’s a nice theme except that it displays the website title in a big black box over the header image, covering most of the header.

I decided the title really isn’t needed. I prefer the random header images as the prominent thing on the front page.

I’m not sure if dark mode is really superior to light mode.  I’ve read that lighter pages are generally easier to read, and that is why I have never tried it, but I’m just enjoying the novelty.

I also set my Firefox browser to dark mode (click on the menu button, then customize, then themes at the bottom, and select dark), and put some of my favorite sites like Reddit (click on your name and toggle night mode) into dark mode.  For websites like Facebook that do not have a dark theme yet, I use a browser add-on called “Dark Reader” that turns dark mode on for every website if you want.

Tell me what you think.

Website Updates!

Finally getting some money from Patreon (Thanks Everybody who helped!), I’m implementing a plan to get rid of complaints about bad downloads.


The most common problem seems to be that when the zip file is extracted you are missing two directories.  You should be seeing this:


In an effort to do everything I can on my side to fix these issues. I am recompiling new versions of every file and doing the following things:

  1. Using the latest version of Renpy (7.3.2) to create all new builds for the game. These will NOT be updates, so no need for new downloads if the game you downloaded already works, but should work better on systems that struggle with the current downloads.

  2. Upgrading my download server to Mediafire. This is what many indie game producers use for their downloads, and it seems to work better than the one I am using now.

I’ve managed to do this for every version of every game, including all the foreign language ones.

The hard part was the Android versions as Google insists on a new format for icons on apps, meaning I had to create new ones to avoid generic Renpy ones. Renpy also creates three optimized android files, I am linking all three on the English DA and SITA. If there is a demand I can do it for foreign versions as well.

I’ve added an android version for SITA Portuguese, so the only version of any game that doesn’t have android is Rachel Meets Ariane, and that takes a bit more work because the pictures are too big.

If it is still not extracting properly, it’s got to be the extraction software you are using, or over aggressive virus scan software. Native Windows 10 (Right click on Zip and Extract to…) works perfectly fine.

Virtualunderworld.net is gone

The old website domain which has spent the last year just going to arianeb.com, will soon no longer belong to me. I put it up for sale at https://auctions.godaddy.com/  There was some demand for the domain from a Chinese based gaming company, so I thought I’d try selling it.  If it doesn’t sell I will just abandon it as it expires next April, and I don’t need to renew it.

This is the new ARIANEB.COM


That’s right, we moved! My wordpress blog is now my main site. A few months ago I added a lot of the main content from the old site to this site, accessible by the menus at the top.

Want info on Date Ariane? click the button at the top. Links to download are there, as well as the international versions, and my other games.

You can leave comments on any of the pages, something you couldn’t do before, and this site is more secure than my old site. Also as a WordPress site, there is a mobile version of this site now.

The old site is still available for now at http://virtualunderworld.net/arianeb/. Once I move everything over here, I will probably drop that site (this one is cheaper).

I’m sure there are plenty of broken links to fix. Tell me what you think.

A Day In The Life of Ariane

One of my post Something’s In The Air projects was to update my web page.  After doing Date Ariane, I came up with this idea of showing what Ariane is doing every moment of every day and creating a desktop theme that changes with the time of day.  My idea got really elaborate for a while, sometimes changing pictures every 5 minutes, but not knowing how to pull it off, I decided to port the idea to my web page.

Basically, whenever you visit the home page or the link page of arianeb.com, you will see Ariane’s predominant activity during that hour.  It is based on what time it is on your computer, so time zone does not matter.  There are weekday and weekend versions.

This has been the case now for a few years, and the original pics were purposely set in a different house than the one in Date Ariane.  I did a minor update after creating a V4 version of Ariane, but now that Ariane has a better house which I plan to use in SITA and Date Ariane 2, I decided to make all new pictures, though in the case of the above “Ariane goes to the office” it remains the same.

The old pictures were 1000×500 to support the fact that most people were viewing the web on computes via browsers on wide screen monitors. The new pictures are 1000×800 which is slightly better resolution but more square to support the fact that most people are now viewing on phones and tablets which can be oriented horizontally or vertically.

I’m planning on more changes to my website, such as easier to read text on small phone screens and bigger links for easier tablet clicking.  I still have at this writing 6 more pics to do, two dinner time, and four late night pics, I also want to do lunch time pics.