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The Facts Are These…

I apologize in advance if some of these links are behind a paywall. I have a subscription to the Washington Post, so that is where the majority of this info comes from. – Trump had 70 days of warning that this disaster was coming and did nothing until he absolutely had to. Story – Because of his delayed reaction, the

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Sexual Minorities in Games

I’m old enough to remember when sexual minorities in media were never talked about.  Anybody wise to sexuality in the 60’s knew that Uncle Arthur on Bewitched was gay but it never got mentioned in the show itself.  It wasn’t until a show called Soap came on in the early 80’s that broke the sexuality taboo and featured an openly

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I’m Aromantic

June is “pride month” in the US, and it is usually filled with corporations trying to show how forward thinking they are in appealing to the LGBT community.  For a while now, I have been thinking that I am part of that community myself.  The thing is I am not L, G, B. or T. The current extended acronym is

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