A Map of Duquesne

island map

Duquesne is a fictitious tropical island located somewhere in the world.  I decided to make it part of Overseas France, for several reasons: 1. Overseas France has islands in the Mediterranean (Corsica), the Atlantic Ocean (French West Indies), the Pacific Ocean (French Polynesia including Fiji and Tahiti), and the Indian Ocean (Reunion),  2. France is pretty liberal with its overseas possessions, leaving the cultures mostly alone (yes I’m aware this has not historically always been the case), and making some of them off limits for environmental preservation reasons, and 3. I happened to have some 3D props with French language textures, and it would be easier than making new textures.

In my imagined history the first person to settle on the island was Jean Descartes ca. 1975, a rich French Canadian who figured out how to turn a barren tropical island into a tourist destination by turning an extinct volcanic caldera into a fresh water lake.  With Tourism being the primary industry, most of the local residents are multilingual: French and English mostly, but as a dependency of France, they use the metric system and the Euro, and fly the French flag.

The above map of the island involved taking a map of San Miguel Island off the coast of California (an uninhabited “Channel” island if you don’t count the 10,000 sea lions) and turning it about 100° to the right.  I drew my own roads and trails and fresh waterways, then came up with English names for the different locations and used Google Translate to give them French names.  The name of the island was inspired by a border town in Arizona that has a French name, while every other town in the area is Spanish.

Day 1 starts at a hotel near Plage Sud or “South Beach”, you then go to the Village of Duquesne which overlooks Crique de Duquesne or “Duquesne Bay”.  From there you either hike to “Jean Lac” (I know it is supposed to be Lac Jean, but I was making a pun inspired by the TV show “Lost” which I do a lot while making the game), or you can take a shuttle bus to Crique des Corsaires or “Pirate’s Cove” in English, or you can board a yacht cruise that sails around the island.

Day 2 starts either at Plage Sud, Plage Nudiste or “Nude Beach”, or Recif de Corail or “Coral Reef”, or follow the longer trail to Grotte Cascade, which is translated in the game.

Day 3 is a hike along Crique de Duquesne, or a hike to Jean Lac, or a trip to Pirate’s Cove via Cabines Nord or the “North Cabins”, an exclusive “rich people” village, and “Plage Nord” or “North Beach”.

Not visited features include the airport, Ranch de Cheval or “Horse Ranch” (this probably should be Ranch des Chevales) and tiny offshore rock formations that translate to “Iron Islands” and “Dragon Rock” because of Game of Thrones.  Iron Islands is probably where the giant unexplained Isis statue is (again inspired by “Lost”), and I never marked where the Aviary is but it is somewhere west of the lake and south of the north road as that is where the nature preserve is.