Rachel And Ariane


Part 1: Rachel Meets Ariane

The story of how Rachel, the star of “Something’s In The Air” meets Ariane, the star of “Date Ariane” and end up hanging out.


Part 2: Rachel Dates Ariane

Rachel goes to Ariane’s house for a little video gaming fun, and they end up in bed together.


Part 3: Rachel Takes Ariane’s Photo

Ariane volunteers to model for Rachel’s school project. This one features multiple endings and multiple outcomes. You can help Rachel prepare.


Part 4: Rachel and Ariane at the Top Club

Rachel and Ariane go to a “sex” club ran by an eccentric billionaire, and have a bit of naughty fun.


Part 5.1: Rachel and Ariane On Holiday (Part 1)

Part 5.2: Rachel and Ariane On Holiday: New Years Eve (Part 2)

Part 5.3: Rachel and Ariane On Holiday: New Years Day (Part 3)

Ariane and Rachel spend the week after Christmas getting to know each other better.

Rachel Meets Ariane: The Game

The game version contains the same story as above in a game format. Version 2.0 released on 01/20/20.  This version clarifies choices relating to Something’s In The Air but otherwise does not change any of the story or dialogue.  Adds credits.

Date Ariane introduced the character of Ariane.  Something’s In The Air introduced the character of Rachel.  The third game Rachel Meets Ariane is where the two of them meet.

This is an illustrated short story, though there are a number of different versions you can choose to follow.  It contains no sound or music, and is a lot smaller.  Hence the lower price.

In English with machine translations in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German.

Now Available as a Package with Date Ariane and Something’s In The Air for $5 (Paypal) PC Version

Now Available as a Package with Date Ariane and Something’s In The Air for $5 (Paypal) Mac Version

In anticipation of Something’s In The Air Redux coming in April, the separate purchase of the older Something’s In The Air and Rachel Meets Ariane has been discontinued. Rachel Meets Ariane will be included as bonus in the Something’s In The Air Redux game.

There is now a walkthrough available in the Wiki.