Hopepunk City Case Files

The following documents you should find useful to make your way through Hopepunk City and unlock all 70 achievements.

Dialog Choices – This case file goes through the dialog choices in the various scenes, and tells you which to choose for the maximum points

The Marketplace – Gives numerous hints regarding what you can buy in the market, where you can find what you need, and what is not worth buying.

Planning the Week – A guide to how you should and should not plan your week for maximum points.

Getting a Job – Before you can spend money in the marketplace, you need to earn some moolas. The game has 17 careers to choose from, here is how to get them.

The Underground Path – If you are having issues getting through the game, here is what might be the easiest path to do so. It is also how to get a couple of elusive achievements you might not get otherwise.

Dating Ariane – Going on a date with Ariane works a little different than previous games, because the getting to know her phase already happened, but it is still easy to mess up if you don’t know how it works.

Romancing Rachel – This case file explains how to reach other romance paths as well as hard to find sex and nudity achievements

Endgame Explained – This case file gives away the answers to the end game and how to get to the best ending.