Ariane in Paradise is Now FREE!


Happy New Years! Ariane in Paradise is now FREE!

Ariane in Paradise Download Page

Ariane in Paradise FAQ

Ariane in Paradise Screenshots

Ariane in Paradise Walkthroughs

Join your fellow Duquesne vacationers on our official Discord, for chat and questions.

There is also more info in the Wiki

UPDATED! 1.03: I am releasing a patch available here.  Patch notes can be found here. Android users should just download latest version.

For PC and Linux, extract the patch to the same directory arianeinparadise.exe is located, it should want to copy over 28 files, say yes, when you launch it should say 1.03 in lower right corner.

For Mac users, you can try extracting to\Contents\Resources\autorun folder and let it overwrite.

For Android users, when I installed new version, it said it was corrupt, it is not.  I had to uninstall and reinstall to get it to work, and lost all my saved games in the process, hopefully it works better for you.

I’ll post more extensively about the making of the game and a “Directors commentary”, but for now have fun exploring!

23 thoughts on “Ariane in Paradise is Now FREE!

      1. Fer

        100 might be hefty, but visibility is important. I think your most popular game is Dating Ariane. You might want to start with that. (or whichever you find the most polished) We can shill it on 4chan 😀
        Just imagine: “Play the mega online hit in a stand alone version for PC, that started the dating game genre. Now with steam achievements and trading cards.”

      2. No longer free, unfortunately. The hosting costs forced the change, but I decided I wanted to finally make money doing this after all these years doing it for free.

    1. To get the size down on android, I shrunk the pictures to half of their PC size, but if I did the same thing on the text it would be unreadable, so text is 2/3rds the size of the PC version.

      This results in text not always fitting properly on the screen. I’ve gone through most of the game changing the spacing and format of the text to get it to fit properly on the screen, but there may still be places where it doesn’t fit.

      Is that what you are seeing? I had at least one report where an android device completely rearranged the text and pictures to make it unplayable. I own a Huawei 8 inch tablet, and it works fine on that, but that is the only android device I have tested it on, but most of the Patreon testers played it just fine as well.

      If it is just a few lines that get cut off, tell me what they are and I’ll try and fix them. If it is all over the place the game may not work on your device.

  1. Tehif

    I tried the game and I’m loving it! (Also nice Christmas gift, I wasn’t expecting it until after the holidays :P)


    I managed to complete the three days a couple of times, but I have some doubts: Is there any path that works through the first day that is not high charm + visiting the town? Every time I try hicking, the storm happens and Ariane runs off no matter the dialogue I choose and I never see her again. If I try the cruise, we’ll part when it ends and once more never see her again. If sexiness is higher than charm, I get to sunbathe naked in the first scene, but then apparently Ariane leaves the clothing shop as soon as she enters it, and that seem to railroad me down either the hicking or the cruise path.

    Am I missing something here? Just a hint, I’m not asking for a walkthrough.

  2. Luke

    On Android, half of the display gets dark when text is displayed. This makes it hard so see images and is rather annoying, is there a way to fix this?

  3. One of my Patreons reported the Android version looked like this on his device:

    Is this what other people are seeing? I have not been able to replicate it, so I can’t troubleshoot. The dark background bar shouldn’t be there and the choices text on the bottom right should adjust to the edge of the screen and not overflow. This was reported on a Huawei P9 Lite. I have a Huawei 8″ tablet which was what I tested the android version on and it works fine.

    UPDATE! This issue might have been fixed in the 1.03 build. If someone who was having this issue could they download it and test it?

  4. Great work as always! And thanks for making it available for free!

    I have one doubt: what does it change if Ariane finds out you’re not American?

    Also, I really like the game but can’t help but think you’re a little averse to threesomes. I remember playing Date Ariane a lot to try to get a threesome before knowing it wasn’t possible. Is there any reason for it?

    I do like the “sad” ending, though. The Casablanca reference is a nice little touch.

    1. Thanks!
      The American or not American thing. I originally had planned a game of beach “football” instead volleyball, and if you were not American you would insist it be called “football”, but Ariane insists it is “soccer”. Ultimately I had the props for volleyball and not football, so I made the scene volleyball.
      Except for a scene with Rachel where you never heard of “Loco-Cola”, there really is no difference.

    1. No you still need to download and install it. I may make the smaller android version available online like I did with the Date Ariane game on Newgrounds, but it is still a 150MB download in your browser, so it is better to get the HD stand alone.

    1. Any specific error messages? I know when I ran it the first time on Windows 10, I got a big warning “this file is unsafe” and had to click “More Info” and “Run anyways” to get it to run.

      If you have stricter security software, it may not even give you that option and it will just refuse to run.

  5. Andreas

    I loved your previous games, “Date Ariane” and SITA. The new “Ariane in Paradise” has nice graphics and a great story line with plenty of potential.

    There is a problem, however, in that you on occasion abruptly switch the point of view from first person to third person. By that I mean, you go from scenes where the avatar the reader is playing is invisible (thereby putting the player into the game), to scenes where the avatar is visible; from a situation in which the user is interacting with the story to a situation where the user is watching the story being played out. These jarring changes of perspective distract the reader and diminish the game experience. It would have been far better to keep with a single POV throughout the game as you did with “Date Ariane”.

    1. I agree.

      I prefer the all first person for a number of reasons, but it became necessary in certain situations to go third person for purposes of storytelling. There are three situations where this happens:

      First, the “mirror” rule. Third party jumps were the result of you looking in a mirror and seeing yourself. This is the case when you are in your room getting dressed, or at the clothing shop changing clothes. For accuracy sake, I could have made this more obvious by flipping these images horizontally, but decided early on not to.

      There is also a “selfie rule”. Situations where you see yourself in the third person because you are taking a picture of yourself with Ariane or Rachel or both.

      And the third situation is sex scenes with Ariane. My excuse here is: 1. I didn’t feel like spending a lot of time staging these scenes in first person, I pretty much exhausted that in DA and SITA, 2. The scenes were sexier and more interesting from a third person point of view. Most games in this genre do the third party sex scenes for the same reason, I am just following the convention.

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