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Hopepunk City 1.1 Anniversary Edition

I released Hopepunk City right about a year ago late September/early October 2021. Since then I released an updated Date Ariane Remastered, an updated Ariane in Paradise, and started a major update on Something’s In The Air and Rachel Meets Ariane called Something’s In The Air Redux.

Being just a year old, Hopepunk City doesn’t need any major upgrades, but I added some new innovations to the other games that I felt needed to be in place on all the games.

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Hopepunk City Reviews

I’ve been promoting this game all month, and thought I’d finish the month with some quotes from other people. Hopepunk City is something of a departure from her previous games. Where they were adventure games, this is more of a stat builder. But she’s put her own spin on it, distilling down the important parts of that type of game

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