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History of Date Ariane Part 3: Switching to Renpy

One of the things holding me back from making a sequel before was website bandwidth. The popularity of the game kept breaking my website and adding an HTML based sequel would just make it worse. My fix up to that point was to release the game as a download that you could play locally, and that was saving my website from complete breakdown.

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The History of Date Ariane part 2: How the 3D Rendered Western Dating Sim genre got started

In the next month or two I will be releasing Date Ariane Remastered to the world. This is a game I’ve been developing on and off for 18 years as a hobby. It started as a silly project I did for fun, but it became the first of a gaming sub genre (3D rendered Dating Sims / Adult Visual Novels) that is still showing amazing growth.

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The Date Ariane Remastered Project

This is a slightly updated post I originally posted on Patreon to inform the general public of my plans to update Date Ariane, and to discuss my goals and ideas with this project. If you are interested in following this project, sign up as a $5 patreon, and see its progress. I’ve posted a link in another post for current eligible Patreons to get the base “template” game. 

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Date Ariane HD

In honor of Renpy version 7 finally being released, I’m releasing Date Ariane, one of the most downloaded Renpy games ever (5.9 million downloads all versions combined), in Renpy 7 and in HD. The images are all 1500×900, originally rendered when I did the graphics update in 2017. Add in the 180px black bottom part and the total resolution is

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