Something’s In The Air


Something’s In The Air

A Visual Novel by Ariane Barnes

INTRODUCTION: You are a single American guy who moved to a new city a few weeks ago for work.

Your social circle consists of a couple of guys from work, and Dave an old friend from your home town who moved here before you. So far all you have done is join a gym and go on one date with a girl named Ariane, and that was over a week ago.

You are determined that on your next day off work, you are going to go meet new people. Especially female people… or at least ask Ariane out again.

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning in the middle of summer.  Now is your chance!

Join the romantic comedy adventure and make your own decisions, leading to over 25 different endings.

Something’s In The Air is unrated and contains the equivalent of R rated material (language, nudity, non graphic sexual situations) that may not be appropriate for all players.  Must be over 18 to download and play.

© 2012-2019 All Rights Reserved.

Purchase PC version for $3 with Rachel Meets Ariane included free:

Extract the zip file anywhere you want and run the EXE.  Windows may give you a warning, select “more options” and “run anyways” the first time. You can create a shortcut to make it easier to launch.

Purchase Mac version for $3 with Rachel Meets Ariane included free:

Extract the zip file and open the .app file.

Purchase Android version for $1 with Rachel Meets Ariane included free:

See included instructions for installation help.

From the About screen:

Something’s In The Air was the first Renpy based visual novel using 3D rendered graphics as far as I know. It was first released publicly in May 2013 after nearly two years of development. In it’s first year, it was also one of the most popular Renpy games, garnering over 3 million downloads in the first couple of years.

Now there are as nearly as many 3D rendered Renpy games as there are Anime drawn Renpy games, which is what the Renpy tool was designed to develop. I started a global trend. It was purely accidental I assure you.

My sole motivation for developing in Renpy, was because of my negative experiences in hosting Ariane’s Date Simulator online. There was no way I could host a second game online, and so I Googled “visual novel software” and Renpy came up near the top.

Something’s In The Air (or SITA for short) is a direct sequel to Date Ariane and are set about a week to two weeks apart. When I developed the Renpy version of Date Ariane I added all the SITA characters to the backgrounds, the magazine rack has the same magazines and the theater is playing two of the three movies.

Being a sequel, it had to feature Ariane, but I decided early on I would feature a second character that would be Ariane’s rival. I had this head cannon of Ariane at the time, but many ideas of Ariane’s background either
did not fit Ariane, or were never developed enough to stick. Spoilers: Rachel is a secret supermodel and a science geek. Those were supposed to be Ariane’s characteristics, but aside from a now defunct chat bot, Ariane never expressed interest in either modeling or science so I gave those qualities to Rachel.

I also decided to give Rachel some qualities that were opposite to Ariane: Rachel is a vegetarian, Rachel is not super addicted to sex as Ariane. Besides Ariane and Rachel, I added five other characters you could also go on a date with, in a manner of speaking anyways.

While Date Ariane was a result of taking the term “date simulator” literally, resulting in an all new genre, Something’s In The Air is more inspired while playing Japanese date simulators, often called “harem” games because you have a choice of girls to make your own.

Something’s In The Air is also a connected story. All the various events in your choices happen on the same day, which is also a common trait of Japanese visual novels, of which date simulators are a sub category.
They are connected by a surprise rain storm that happens late in the evening with most characters you date, except one for some reason. It’s all explained eventually.

This is the fourth edition of Something’s In The Air. This edition is much less connected to Date Ariane as the previous editions but none of the plot elements have changed. This is all a grand experiment and some elements, like a music soundtrack, just didn’t work in the long run. Instead, it now has a similar look and feel to the other games in this series, except for oddities like “The Notebook” which is this game’s version of an achievement board.

150 thoughts on “Something’s In The Air

    1. HEY

      Make like an game that you go on more then one date with Ariane, Like date ariane but when you finish an date the next one is like the next date like that you all ready now each other and it keeps going on and on?

      1. HEY

        and that you can do the things that ariane talks about in Date Ariane an SomeThing’s in The Air like actually have naked dinner some time or actually go to the naked beach together, and that you go on a lot of grazy sexy adventures (sorry for the bad English)

      2. I’m actually thinking along these lines. The big idea is making most dates during the daytime, thus setting them apart from Date Ariane and Something’s In The Air which took place at night.

        My biggest hold up right now is coming up with an objective for the game and rules to the game. Without these, there is no game.

  1. Boa noite, não estou conseguindo traduzir para o português Brasil, como eu faço para fazer a tradução?

    Eu jogo no Android, Motorola moto z

  2. Not bad, the sequel’s never as good as the original, but in this case it’s still worthy. And I keep finding sex in different, and that’s what sells, innit?

    I liked the numerous choices offered in the first, the plethora of directions from the starting point… this one is more wandering and abstract. But every time I make game Ariane choose everything, we wind up in bed, lol.

    Still exploring, too.

    Totally considering a donation on payday. In spite of the slightly negative comments, still pretty fun! 🙂

  3. pllayer101

    Alguém poderia me ajudar a traduzir a versão do jogo de pc para português ? Agradeço a quem ajudar

  4. Lucas

    gabriel tem sim, é só colocar o nome do jogo no google e fazer o download e o jogo estar em portugues sim, dnd pela ajuda 😉 se isso tiver te ajudado

  5. Omkar

    The apk or Android link is not working and the download speed is very slow, soo slow that it’s gonna take me a month to download it. Can you please provide another link?

    1. I really need to find a file server service that is inexpensive and handles downloads to android devices. I am using free Google cloud for the App but I am guessing I am exceeding bandwidth, hence the slow download.

      You can use the second link to a PC then move it to your phone somehow. I am working on a better solution.

  6. Lex93

    Olá! Para os que estão querendo uma tradução em PT-BR já existe uma, mas o cara que traduziu disse que só pegou os textos e jogou no google tradutor. Eu estou desenvolvendo uma tradução, estou me esforçando muito para traduzir este jogo, em breve eu irei disponilizar o link para download da tradução BETA (não finalizada ainda) quando eu estiver perto de terminar.

  7. Watchdoggah

    hey I’m trying to go with the gym lady the one you workout with and at the running part I keep being tired any way I can not be tired?
    btw great game I like it

  8. Hunk

    queria baixar a versão de Android, eu não tenho computador só o dispositivo Android como fazer para baixar

  9. david guitierrez

    whenever i try to open the SITA application it says something was missing and I don’t know how to get around this because i already unzipped it.

  10. Ferozs

    Is there a way to play the game from the 0, after finished of? I tryed deleting the files but when i oppening again, the game still considers my previous decisions. I want to replay from the 0.

    “Tem alguma maneira de jogar o jogo todo do 0 depois de terminar? Eu tentei deletar os arquivos, mas quando baixei de novo, o jogo continuou considerando minhas ações prévias, como se o game tivesse instalado algo no meu pc que não foi deletado. Eu quero jogar o jogo do 0, até porque, quero escolher outra garota pra ficar em definitivo.

  11. good afternoon, I wanted to translate if something is in the air for Android, there are many people really wanting this, if you do it I will be very grateful to you!

  12. Good afternoon, I wanted you to create something in the air, translate the game for Android, there are many people really wanting to translate something in the air, if you do it I will be very grateful for this and other people too, and have other ways of download the game, thanks for the attention of everyone (I’m sorry for the bad groin)

  13. sam

    Hello , i would love to play this game however the download for android is not working please fix it


    1. I have tested the link and it works, there is up to a minute delay from when I clicked “download now” and when it actually started downloading, but it did download.

      On Android 7, I had to go to settings > Security and Privacy > Additional Settings and turn on “Unknown Sources”.

  14. Edward

    The windows version download seems to cut off. I have tried it on different PCs on different connections and the connection to the server has cut out each time.

    1. Bob

      Same here, have tried to download the windows version a few times and it ends up getting interrupted after downloading 10-15 mbs of it.

      1. Got the same myself, sorry for the late response. I am reuploading the file and then testing the download now.

        Test complete, still not working, not sure why that file does not want to download.
        Recompiling game, and uploading a new copy, and testing download… IT WORKS!

      2. Bob

        I can confirm that the download for the windows version now finishes without any interruptions. Thanks for the reupload and thanks for making the game!

  15. Togsworth J

    The windows download works for me, but I can’t extract the files. Can someone help me with this? PLEASE!!!

    1. Bob

      I believe Windows 10 comes with its own extractor, but if it doesn’t or if you have another version of Windows. You’ll have to get a program to extract it for you. I would recommend 7zip, or WinRAR. I’m not sure if I am allowed to post links, so if you do a google search for “7zip”, or “WinRAR” it should be the top link in the search.

      -For 7-zip – Right click > Hover over 7-Zip > click Extract Here.
      -For WinRAR – Right click > click on Open with WinRAR (a new window should open) > click Extract To > click OK

      Finally it should show up as a folder inside the folder than the zip file is in.

  16. Could you make a game for girls dating a boy. For example: You are a girl and a guy dates you or you are ariane and decide what you do with the guy who comes to the date at your house.

    1. willyrobo

      btw if you need help in translation i could definitely help i speak/write Portuguese and a bit of French and Spanish

  17. lepprekishu

    I found some images of ariane called “arisex2” how can i get them when Im playing

  18. jv110

    This sadly isn’t nearly as good as the first game (and not even the remake is, either). I hope the third game will be more like the first one.

  19. The Android Link doesn’t work somehow for me. I am running on a Android 7.0 smartphone, and the link only downloads about 96MB, then Failed to. Samething with the “Download Failed” if I try to download it on my PC so I can import it to my phone. Reply with a fix if so!

  20. B O Y

    I support everything your doing Ariane. Keep going. I liked the first and second game you made which I enjoyed.

    [Spoiler to beginners so scroll fast down]

    P.S Are you doing a sequel to Roni after she died from the lightning?

  21. Paola Miranda

    so I have run into issues an I need help. so as you said in the description the .exe folder is missing. I checked the quarantine folder but there was nothing in there. and I don’t get a warning before. what am I doing wrong? and help

  22. Guilherme

    In the my phone say: “An error occurred while parsing the package” my phone are 7.0 android. Someone can help me please?

  23. CuhKuh

    I downloaded the file successfully, but when I went to extract it, it said it was corrupt and I checked my quarantine items and nothing was there. Any updates or fixes would be appreciated.

  24. shadowthekilla

    I downloaded it on PC, went to extract it in a folder and it said the file was corrupt. Checked quarantine for any files and nothing. Hope it gets fixed soon. Even tried dif browsers but no change.

  25. Kayla Bennings

    I want an update to play as another female. It’s fun now and I know that this is a game meant for straight males, but I feel like it would be more immersive if there was an option to be female.

  26. badit clean

    Hey Ariane i have a Big problem for the recent days i can’t download sole thing un thé air for Androids.when the download begins its stops immédiatement
    Really your help

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  28. Nick

    I’m trying to download the mac version for S.I.T.A and it’s not working. It downloads but doesn’t display how big the file is and when i open the zip file it says it cannot be expanded.

  29. Louis

    Hello can anyonehelp me to download. When i try to extract/unxip the file it says its corrpted and i cannot fix it

  30. austria12345


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    1. Phill C

      Hi again. Nevermind that. I managed to unlock the Paula ending by selecting the “clue” option on the main menu. After this click, the option to play the last story became available. Thank you again for this game and it’s improvements.

  32. Kelugan

    Je n’arrive pas à finaliser l’installation. J’ai essayé avec les deux liens d’Android mais les deux ne marchent pas.
    Comment puis-je faire pour l’installer ?

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