History of Date Ariane Part 1: Old Art vs New Art

With the upcoming release of Date Ariane Remastered, I want to do a series of posts about the strange history of this historic game that inspired two gaming sub-genres. This first post is a look at the evolution of the art.

The above represents a few images from the beginning of Ariane Date Simulator 4.0 (2007) and Date Ariane Remastered. The Remastered images are 1920×1080 while the original HTML game images were 800×500, so they are shown here to scale.

If you want to see images from the many versions in between there are a number of galleries in the Wiki section of this website.

I no longer host copies of my old HTML games, but I believe this version can be found on http://www.funny-games.biz/dating-simulator.html (NSFW) or http://www.jo-jo.net/ariane/start (ad free, but I believe it is an older version on a slower server)

On the topic of 3D rendered art, I think it’s important to note that I do my pictures in Poser. The 2007 were in Poser 5 or 7 I believe, and Remastered images are in Poser 12.

Almost all 3D rendered games in this genre are made in Daz Studio instead. Poser is the older program and I am as “old school”as you can get in this business. Daz Studio has access to prettier Genesis 8 based models, but the rendering capabilites of Poser are better.

I think I have an advantage in creating images that look different than anyone else doing it this way.

I’ll be releasing a free demo in May so you can see first hand how dramatically improved the graphics have become, but this slide show should give you an idea.


  • Can’t wait. Been a fan of the game since the beginning.

  • So nice to see how much the game has evolved since the first version. Ariane gets more beautiful with each update.

    I remember playing it for the first time back in 2012 or something, and I have been a fan ever since.

    Congratulations on your work, and for creating this genre with this awesome game that will always be a benchmark for dating simulators! Keep it up! I can’t wait for the remaster!

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