Strip Crazy Eights

Now Available for FREE!

Strip Crazy Eights is a game within a game extracted from the forthcoming Hopepunk City. It is an addictive, fast paced short card game (typically two to five minutes) involving trying to get your opponents naked.

Player character can be male of female. You play against three female opponents: Ariane (the “cheeky” one), Rachel (the “smart” one), and Maya (the “quiet” one).

The card game is a variation of Crazy Eights where each starts with 5 cards and a face up card is dealt. Similar to Uno™ where on your turn you must match the face up card’s value or suit, or if you can’t do it, you have to draw a card. Draw three times in a row, lose clothes. 7 cards and need to draw an 8th, lose clothes. Be the 4th person in a row to draw, lose clothes (or optional variant, everyone loses clothes). If someone plays all their cards, everyone but the winner loses clothes.

There are often multiple losers. Since games are short, you’ll want to play over and over.

Game is set in a common dining room (you all share a high rise condo), but PC and Mac allow moving to the roof greenhouse or the building lobby.

I have gone to an adware model, and the game is now FREE:

PC (Windows and Linux) Version

Mac Version

Android and Chromebook Version

Or download it at

Also available on the web:

Because of the relatively small size (35MB) of the Android version, I was able to upload it for online play on NewGrounds:

Strip Crazy Eights at Newgrounds