Something’s In The Air Redux

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Something’s In The Air Redux is a sequel to Date Ariane Remastered, but it is designed to be a stand alone game.

In part, a remastering of the original Something’s In The Air (2013), but with a streamlined story and playable as either a straight male or gay female character each with slightly different content.

Not studying for the bar, studying at the bar.

Something in the Air introduced numerous characters into the Date Ariane universe including Rachel and her nerdy french braid hair style.

A new version of Ariane standing in line to get into the club. Changed hair to DAR hair and blue top for a red one similar in color to classic Date Ariane.

Also the remake brings back a more casual laid back looking Ariane ready for your “second date” as you build a relationship.

The rest of the “harem” is being completely updated.

Rachel Meets Ariane is also being remastered and incorporated into the game.

While new mysteries and new characters are also expanding the game.

And like Date Ariane Remastered, Ariane in Paradise, and Hopepunk City, the player character can be either gender with slightly different versions of the story depending on which you pick.

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