Weekly Pic 22

A bit more nudity this week as I do some experimenting instead of character art.

This picture uses some highly detailed models, none of which are Genesis 3 or 8. All three were designed by Blackhearted. Left is “Anastasia” for Alison 2.  The middle is “Femme Fatale” for La Femme, and on the right “Girl Next Door 4.2” for Victoria 4.2.  There is not a lot of clothing available for these models so I left the clothing off. More detailed png can be found here or Deviant Art.

Weekly Pic 21

This week’s pic is another return to old games. Here you see the player character from Ariane in Paradise serving drinks at Lizzard’s Nightclub from Date Ariane. Lydia, an unknown friend, Dave, Bonnie and Lizzard from Something’s In The Air can be seen in the background.

Full resolution version here or at Deviant Arts page.

Weekly Pic 19

This weeks new game pic is a return to a Something’s In The Air location. Namely Paula’s Lab. Since the next game has a sci-fi theme, may as well bring back the sci-fi elements of previous games. Just haven’t figured out a way to bring back the dodos.

Full resolution png is here, or on my Deviant Art page.

Weekly Pic 17

For the month of June, I’m posting samples of what I have been working on. This is my new female player character repairing robots. The new game has a sci-fi theme to it, set in the near future, the game involves training and working in areas of the economy trying to make a life. One of the career paths is robot repair. According to this essay, robots doing most of the labor is our future, and the pandemic crisis has accelerated that reality.

Full resolution PNG can be found here, or my Deviant Art page.

Weekly Pic #13


This week’s picture is one I made for my next game.  This is where you meet, or re-meet Ariane for the first time.  It is about as far as I have gotten so far.  Long ways away from finishing obviously.  Biggest change I have made is the Kitchen went from orange to dark blue.  It just looks better as a background color.  Full PNG can be found here, or at my Deviant Arts page.