SITAR Build Notes


  • Fixed issue where you would not be able to date Rachel again after finishing the ending, getting “BarRachel4” index out of range, message.
  • Fixed access to “skip the intro stuff” and “Play MMORPG with your guild” after completing the first ending, but haven’t re-enabled Rachel extras again.
  • Updated Executive Producer and End Credits
  • Added partial voicing to the three endings including the “Something’s In the Air” path. Voicing does not include long dialog trees, players name, and long instructions irrelevant to the plot.  Because it also does not include Elemental Realms, the first voice on the SITA path is the store clerk at the convenience store, and only with an introduction.  
  • Once token game is over, the rest of the path is voiced except the long instructions about how weather works.  
  • I’m only doing voices on PC and Mac versions. Android version is unvoiced, but does include bug fixes.

1.0 4/23 stealth fix

  • Updated SITAR 1.0 on PC and Mac to fix some minor issues many might not have been experiencing, so I didn’t update the version number.
  • If you are in the gallery viewing the notebook, then back out of the notebook  using Prefs and Gallery, it would display the last notebook text on top of the gallery, this has been fixed to properly erase the notebook text on a gallery refresh.
  • Updated the build to official Renpy 8.1  which just got released to sponsors (which I am), I was previously using a “nightly” beta build of 8.1 that shows up on the about screen.
  • Updated the archive to properly include all images and sound files.
  • Fixed a couple of text lines in Rachel Meets Ariane section that were not displaying properly even though the voice was working.