AIP Build Notes

1.11  Edition sold in store. Will still say it is version 1.10, but has “Google Translate” translations of French, German and Portuguese.  Check settings to see if those options are there.

1.10  “Anniversary Edition” This version expands “naked PC” mode to additional events in day 2 and 3, as well as changes some dialogue throughout the game, and tops it with a new ending and 5 new bonus achievements.  Android version includes Spanish version and naked PC mode.

1.05 (PC, Mac, Linux Only) Thanks to Moskys this version now has a built in Spanish translation available in Settings. If you want to translate the game into other languages, use this version as the code has been optimized to make translations easy.  Otherwise, no game play changes have been added.

1.04 (Android Only) Moved choices to middle of the screen to make them more readable on phone screens.

1.03 New Ending on Day 3 “beach” path.  Fixed the Achievements page to include the “Dead Parrot” achievement.  Fixed credits and textbox on android version.

1.02 Added new intro to Day 3 “beach” path.  New naked PC mode available after all 40 achievements are done (not available in android).  New hidden achievement after all 134 pictures are unlocked.  Updated credits.

1.01 Updated to Renpy 7.3.5. Fixed some bugs.  Updates some images.  Updated credits.