Hopepunk City Now Available!!

Hopepunk City, the fifth game of the Date Ariane series is LIVE, and available for sale in both stores for $5.

Hopepunk City for PC (Windows or Linux) includes Free Strip Crazy Eights for PC

Hopepunk City for Mac includes Free Strip Crazy Eights for Mac

Hopepunk City for Android includes Free Strip Crazy Eights for Android

Also all versions available on itch.io (does not include the free additional game, but all versions are available in one place, and easier to be notified of updates)

More links:

Hopepunk City Main Page

Hopepunk City FAQ

Hopepunk City Walkthroughs



  • Hello, first of all I would like to say that I`m a big fan of your games, I`ve played all that other Date Ariane`s saga. Second, I know that is not your problem and I don`t know if you can do something about it…but if it is possible…can you see a special price for your Brazilian fans? The game in the dollar is very cheaper, 4 dollars is cheaper..but when you convert it to local money, Brazilian Real it transforms to 21 Reals, that is a high price. Thank you

  • Christopher Daria

    I am trying to pay for the Hopeunk City game but it will not go through.  I get to the ‘pay now’ part and the ‘pay now’ is greyed out and won’t activate.  I am using my credit card not pay pal.  Any advice?

    • I know Payloadz only accepts PayPal, though PayPal accepts many cards. If you can’t use PayPal for some reason buy the game on arianeb.itch.io/hopepunk-city

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