SITAR Path for Paula

Last of the minor Something’s In The Air characters to remaster is Paula, the young ginger genius with no sense of style. I replaced her red T-Shirt with a striped polo shirt to make her even less stylish. I did finally give her a little makeup. Her pale skin looked too pale without it. This is her attempt at a sexy pose that she is obviously not comfortable doing.

The original game had a series of pre-requisite unlocks in order to unlock this path that were kept track in the gallery. Redux still has unlocks but it is less obvious, there is no scoreboard. In normal play the game should lead you to it, in fact there will be a part where you wont be able to go on any more Rachel dates until you do the Paula path.

Without divulging major spoilers, the basic order that leads to unlocking the Paula path:

  1. Do any Rachel path to completion
  2. Do “A New Paint Job” with Veronica for the first time (this path will be blocked until after your first date with Rachel, and after 3 or 4 dates with Rachel, you won’t be able to date Rachel again until you complete “A New Paint Job”)
  3. Do more Rachel paths until she reveals what’s going on (If you go to the bar and meet Rachel during this phase, the pictures and dialog will subtly change)
  4. Rachel will take you on the first Rachel date to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention, where you discover that the two of you are in the same gaming guild if it wasn’t revealed earlier.
  5. Start a new game and select “Play MMORPG with your guild” which is now a new option. You won’t be able to date Rachel again until you do.

You may get asked at the beginning to pick a game character. There is a male Ranger or a female Thief. They have similar skills and it doesn’t matter which you pick, and it does not depend on if you are playing as a male or female player character (in fact there is extra dialog if your player character is one gender and your game character is another)

There are several puzzles in this path which cannot be easily explained walkthrough style. The final one is completely random so no easy answers. If you are trying to do it without help prompts and get stuck, consult the original SITA walkthrough, which is still accurate in Redux, or you can enable the path in help which will give you the exact answers even for the random puzzle.

Once the path is completed successfully, it will unlock a new chapter of the REDUX game, and continue to give you the “Play MMORPG with your guild” option when you start a new game.

Story note: I made Paula heterosexual to avoid any signs of impropriety in her teacher-student relationship with Rachel. That means there are slight variations with the scene in Paula’s office depending if you are playing male or female. If you play as male, she will flirt with you (though be kind, flirting is not one of her skills), if you play as female she will suggest you become friends of the purely platonic variety.