SITAR Paths for Wendy

Finished off remaking the Ariane and Rachel paths. Time to work on the minor characters starting with Wendy doing some pre-workout stretches.

All Wendy Beginnings

  • Go to the Gym
  • Do some weight training
  • Great, show me what to do

Topless Volleyball

Basic objective is to finish the workout with energy left over without getting caught cheating. You can’t cheat on bench press, and you will get caught cheating on the bike machine, so the best route is:

  • Pretend to do 50 leg lifts
  • Negotiate down (on bench press)
  • Let me try a mile and see how it goes
  • Sure I’ll give you a ride to the lake
  • Either question, both are relevant to entries in the notebook, so for notebook completion you should do both.
  • I don’t care I’ll run around naked anyways

A Night at Lizards

Basic objective is to impress Wendy no matter how tired you get.

  • Do 50 leg lifts
  • Do 50 bench presses
  • Ride for 2 miles
  • Yes, count me in…
  • Yes, I am fine no questions
  • A pitcher of suds… (second choice)
  • Torn, I really enjoy my dates with Ariane… (This is what I call the NTR path, either other choice will be non-NTR)
  • Pitchers of Suds, Suds Light and Ale, and mugs of Lager and Ale (third choice)
  • Pitchers of Lager and Ale and two pitchers of Suds Light… (second choice)
  • Three pitchers of Suds and one each of Lager, Ale, and Suds Light… (first choice)
  • Console her
  • Two Pitchers of Suds, Two Pitchers of Lager… (first choice)
  • Be truthful to her

Once the blackout hits, there are two variants to this path, one if you are playing as a male, one if you are playing as a female. Here is the male path first:

  • I’m up for a late night workout

Here’s the female path:

  • Console her (basically an invite from Rebecca requires 2 “console her” and a “be truthful” in any order)
  • I can accept those terms

Note: The icon in the gallery for this path will be a second picture of Wendy if you are playing as a male, or a picture of Rebecca if you are playing as a female.