SITAR Paths for Ariane

All Ariane Beginnings

This is the fastest route from the beginning of the game to the theater where all the Ariane branches begin. This is not the ONLY way to the theater, in fact you can unlock notebook entries exploring other choices, but here is the fastest start:

  • Go to the gym (or if available Skip the Intro Stuff)
  • Go to a Yoga Class
  • Go say hi to Ariane and Rebecca
  • Message Ariane to see if she is free
  • Hey Ariane, it’s me…
  • Talk about your day
  • Yes, I’m a hard core gamer
  • I’m not a big fan
  • Bulfinch’s Mythology (only if you are male)

You should be on your way to the theater. Save your game at the lobby to access choices easier.

Ariane and Rebecca

  • See a Drama
  • Nice to see you again Rebecca
  • Invite Rebecca to join you and Ariane
  • It was a good movie
  • You were a cheerleader?

Phone Sex

  • See a Drama
  • Nice to see you again Rebecca
  • Let Rebecca find a seat elsewhere
  • I agree, It was a good movie…
  • Yes I was
  • No, Nothing to share
  • So, uh, what are you wearing?

Blackout Fun

  • See Action Movie
  • It wasn’t very good
  • Really? Me too.
  • We should go together,
  • What “Action Girl” is afraid…
  • OK, you can be on top.
  • Kiss her goodbye

Celebrity Sightings

  • Let Ariane Decide
  • Go to the nightclub

Tequila Shots

  • See a Romantic Comedy
  • Let’s Stick with the Concert
  • I’m not jealous considering we have already had sex in the past
  • The thought of two women at the same time gets me excited
  • Accept Offer
  • Let Ariane go get the beer
  • If Ariane is willing then I am too.
  • I’d be OK with that

House Party with Ariane

  • See a Romantic Comedy
  • It’s your turn to choose, remember?
  • OK, Want to dance? (Watch the clouds in the background)

Getting Drunk at Ariane’s Place

  • Let Ariane Decide
  • Go back to her place
  • Finally have a night of passion
  • Go with Ariane to buy liquor
  • Break out the liquor
  • Carry Ariane to bed

Ice Cream

There are two paths, one is to follow Blackout Fun above, but don’t choose the “Action Girl” option
The other is to follow “Phone Sex” but choose “Well stay safe Ariane” instead of asking what she is wearing

Makeup Sex

  • Let Ariane Decide
  • Go back to her place
  • Have another sleepover like last time
  • Offer to go in and buy it yourself
  • Just the beer
  • OK, you can be on top

Starry Night

  • Let Ariane Decide
  • Let her decide what to do
  • I guess we are all alone…
  • OK, you can be on top