Other SITAR Paths

This covers paths involving Veronica, Stacy and Bonnie. Getting to these paths begins the same as getting to Rachel. These choices are the shortest paths, and not the only correct ones, new stuff is often revealed by doing the other choices.

  • Go to the gym
  • Grab a free running machine
  • Sure I’ll check it out
  • What box?
  • Go to the bar that the Naked Runner mentioned

A New Paint Job

Note: You will not have access to this path until you do at least one dating path with Rachel. Then after 2 or 3 dates with Rachel, you will have to do this path to have more. (Rachel will insist on studying no matter what you do during dinner and will lead you back to the bar to talk to Veronica)

  • Wait for the pink haired woman
  • Hell yeah, I can use some adventure
  • You don’t look like the sci-fi / fantasy type
  • You are right someone was inconvenienced

There are two variations of endings, the first time bad, but future times can be good or bad depending on Rachel’s status in the game.


  • Talk to the blonde woman

Note: That’s it. A strange variant occurs if you do this after “Something’s In The Air” but before the first ending.

Pool Shark at the Live Cabaret

  • Wait for the pink haired woman
  • You need a pretend date for the evening?
  • Sure i’ll make sure you get inside safe

You might want to save the game when the lights come back on, there are 9 different endings that rotate starting at the point where the lights come on. Replaying from that point over and over will reveal them.