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Meet Rachel

I promised earlier that I would introduce some characters of the visual novel when I was done doing their story.  I finally finished story 4, which is the largest of the 6 stories, and the one I needed to finish to get it out of the way, so I could move to the easier stuff.  I am trying to make

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Two New SITA Sets

I’ve been doing lots of cool stuff for the sequel game Something’s In The Air (SITA), but I don’t want to show it all because that would spoil the game.  But a few teaser renders wouldn’t hurt.  Back in October 2010, I was showing off sets I built for downtown locations.  Those sets will show up in SITA as well,

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Ten Years Online

I just discovered that not only have I been on Second Life for 7 years.  Ariane Barnes has been around as a virtual character for 10 years.  The above picture is rendered from the oldest complete “Ariane” poser file I could find, dated April 30, 2001. Ariane has been an online character for over a decade now. The original concept

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