Cosplay in 3D

As predicted I am back in “creative” mode, and working on Something’s In The Air most of my spare time.  My current project is to create an outdoor Sci-Fi/Fantasy Festival, a “Comic-Con” type festival, though that name is TM so I can’t actually call it that.  Even worse is that these festivals often have a lot of people dressed up as their favorite tv/comic/movie/video game characters, all of which are also copyrighted or trademarked, so I can’t actually have any familiar characters in costumes.

I thought for fun I would make at least one up. Above is a pretend costume of a pretend comic character which I still haven’t settled on naming yet, sort of a female Green Arrow™, and at some point there will be a discussion of pretend adventures, with pretend supervillains, and other assorted pretend geek speak.

The black background is due to the fact that I have yet to build the set that this pretend festival takes place.  Sets can be time consuming work, and I am going to need a vendor area (and stuff for the vendors to sell), a stage for trivia and costume contests take place, a gaming area where a card game tournament is going on, a weapon demo area (“fire a real medieval crossbow, $5”), and other attractions.  It is also set outdoors at night, which means light sources have to be included, and of course some generic background crowds.

Below are some of the pretend costumes I came up with.  I figured with Halloween coming up it would be appropriate to share:

A couple of goth/vampire types.

The classic superhero types, the guys could probably use some symbols on their chests.

Some spaceship crew members, the girls in skin tight uniforms.  Putting the sci-fi in sci-fi/fantasy.

And putting some fantasy in sci-fi/fantasy are some neo-medieval costumes.


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