Meet Wendy


The final potential date character of the game is Wendy who you may meet as a fitness trainer at the gym.  This story is sort of a bonus content that just shows up after you have been playing the game a few times, kind of like a DLC bonus mission.  I don’t want to give away the story of this one, as it is a fun story that does not tie to anything else. It is set entirely during the daytime which is a nice change from all the nighttime dates.

Wendy is the athlete and has the muscles to prove it.  She is good at any sport she plays. Unfortunately, she can’t make a living at it.  The fitness trainer thing is a part time gig, but she shows up elsewhere working as a waitress.

Finishing the Wendy story means I’m done with “adding content” to Something’s In The Air.  There is still a lot of editing, rewriting, sound and music mixing to do.  There is also some web content tie in stuff to do, followed by beta testing and another round of editing and rewriting, then figuring out how to distribute it.  Then I can release it.


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