How Victoria 7 Is Killing A Hobby


As someone who does a lot of work in Poser for my games and other projects, that means I am involved in the 3D Rendering community, which I have written about before. About 3 years ago the community started getting bigger thanks to Daz3D releasing Daz Studio for free.

Until then, the community primarily consisted of users of Poser software, which is a fairly expensive program to get started on.  Daz Studio can do a lot of what Poser can do, though it has always lagged behind in certain areas, but it was sophisticated enough to give Poser a challenge, and it offered an inexpensive entry point.

The biggest difference between Daz Studio and Poser is the user interfaces. Both programs have a bit of a learning curve, and once you learn one, you are probably not going to want to learn the other.

For the last 3 years the community has kind of fractured in a friendly rivalry between Poser people, and Daz Studio people. Friendly, because a lot of content could be shared between the programs, and both programs produced some really great images.

One of the stumbling blocks you run into in this hobby is incompatible models. I have been playing with Poser since the “Posette” days which is one of the first female models.  A company called Zygote (now part of Daz3D) came up with the first really great anatomically correct models for Poser called Victoria and Michael. Clothing and accessories made for Posette would not work on Victoria and Michael.

This pattern followed with each model. Victoria and Michael were replaced by Victoria 2 and Michael 2 then Victoria 3 and Michael 3, then Victoria 4 and Michael 4.  Poses, skins, hair, and clothing designed for one model are incompatible with other models.  Not by design, it is just the nature of the constantly improving technology.

I created the first Date Ariane version using Victoria 3, and created and acquired quite a library of Victoria 3 and Michael 3 hair, clothing, and skin textures.  When I started “Something’s In The Air” Victoria 4 had been out for 4 years, and all the latest clothing and accessories were being made for the Victoria 4 and Michael 4 models. I made the leap to the superior model, and never looked back.

Victoria 4 has proven to be a great female model. Extremely versatile, and still the most popular today. It was also the last “Victoria” natively designed to work with Poser.

Daz3D moved on to a “Genesis” modeling system that was much more flexible than the Poser system, and incorporated it natively in Daz Studio. Poser users needed a converter to use Genesis models.  The DSON converter has never worked right, as neither Daz3D or Smith Micro (the makers of Poser) do not have much incentive to get it to work right. Because Genesis was not a huge improvement over Victoria 4, most Poser people did not bother upgrading.

Soon after giving away Daz Studio, Daz3D released Genesis 2.  Genesis 2 is an improvement over Victoria 4 as the joints look more natural in motion.  That has made Genesis 2 popular with all the new Daz3D users and even converted some Poser users to the model despite the broken DSON converter.

Many of us Poser users still stick to Victoria 4 as we can use the powerful “Morphing Tool” to fix minor joint oddities, or find other fixes available.

Third party vendors have found it most profitable to support both Victoria 4 and Genesis 2 models and as a result there are now plenty of skin, hair, clothing and accessories for both models.

Genesis 2 V6 on left, Genesis 3 V7 on right.  Not a huge difference.

And then Victoria 7 / Genesis 3 happened.

This week Daz3D released a new model and dubbed it Victoria 7 to get the name recognition. They are touting the higher polygon count allowing more details like the wrinkles in knuckle joints for example, to make the most realistic human 3D model ever. (Are we at the uncanny valley yet?)

This new model is making rather negative waves in both the Poser and Daz Studio communities.

Daz Studio fans are finding that, as in model generations past, their Genesis 2 clothing and accessories will not work on Genesis 3. That means shelling out lots more money to get all new clothing and accessories for Genesis 3, or just sticking with “obsolete” Genesis 2.

The sad part is Genesis 2 was just finally becoming supported enough by third party vendors that it could compete with Victoria 4 in versatility, but now third party vendors may start having second thoughts if Genesis 3 becomes a thing.

Poser fans are finding fine print on the Victoria 7 page:  Compatible Software: DAZ Studio 4.8
In other words, barring some miracle addition to the upcoming Poser Pro 2016, Genesis 3 models are not compatible with Poser.  That will be a further disincentive for third party vendors to support Genesis 3 as most of the community simply cannot use it at all.

As a Poser user, I have never felt a need to upgrade to figures higher than Victoria 4 and Michael 4, they are still widely supported and clothing, skins, and accessories for them still sell better than any other figure. While each of the Genesis models got more detailed, for my purposes (low res internet images), the details aren’t going to make much difference.

Poser is still better software than Daz Studio, with numerous tools not available in Daz Studio like the above mentioned Morphing Tool, numerous rendering engines to make your images look like drawings, paintings or comic books, including a native photo realistic renderer comparable to the best available for Daz Studio, also tools to fit clothing between models and dynamic clothing for animated cloth motion.

That’s not to say Daz Studio is bad, it handles the tasks most important to hobbyists, photo realistic still rendering and basic animation, as well as Poser does, and its memory management is superior enough to handle higher polygon counts, which is why it handles Genesis 3 and Poser does not.

If Daz3D no longer wants to support Poser, that’s their loss. I foresee a fracturing of the community that is already having negative effects.  The 3D rendering community is already a very small niche group, we do not need to make it smaller.

Here is my hope: There is ONE way this could go right for everybody. There should be a new version of Poser out later this year if they stick to their “every two year” upgrade pattern.

If Poser Pro 2016 were to include support for a complex 173 bone figure, and if Daz3D were to release a “Victoria 7 For Poser” product (no DSON conversion needed) then that would generate lots of interest for both upgrades.

It is such a good idea part of me wonders if this is the plan all along.  I wouldn’t bet on it though.


  • Very informative post. Thanks for that. 🙂

    • I think you might be a little off base here. Below are my opinions as someone who makes their living using Poser / DS, rendering usually about 6-7k frames of animation per product.

      1) Daz Studio is not hard to learn. When Iray came out, I tried DS 4.8 after using Poser since version 3 (circa 2000). Took about 45 minutes to get up to speed and decided to switch full time.

      2) G2F has been able to use V4’s entire character library and clothing for years. Skirts are a little iffy.

      3) G3F already can use G2F / Genesis and V4 clothing. Likewise G2F can use G3F, Genesis, and V4 clothing. Putting Genesis mens clothing on girls is an excellent way to avoid full on slutware.

      4) “Poser is still better software than Daz Studio.” I don’t think this is necessarily true.
      a) First the integrated Iray render engire within the preview window, even easier to use than the Poser > Octane pipeline, which I have three of. Sadly the Poser > Octane plugs cost me about 1409 USD… Now I just use DS on the same hardware with Iray with my out of pocket cost of 0 USD. b) The Studio preview window actually works, smooth as butter even on Intel HD series graphics. c) Dynamic clothes is available and is faster. d) GoZ integration is superb, able to push multiple figures to Zbrush without ever having location issues. I switched to PML on my Poser side. e) NO scaling bug with parented objects and conformers. f) DS has a comic render mode built right into the preview window. g) I really could go on and on…

      5) With the use of the GenX2 plugin you can seamlessly recreate your favorite V4 custom characters that are identical, except for the MUCH better bending that G2F grants you. That’s right, all of your favorite V4 characters on G2F.

      6) Most of all, the release of Genesis 3 does not magically delete other figures out of your runtime. She won’t have enough native content in the short term for most users to change full time. I used A3 for YEARS after the release of V4, which I in turn used for YEARS. My epic library of V4 content lives on… on G2F and G3F.

      It would not be fair to omit the two things that I dislike about DS.

      1) Requires more RAM, any machines I had on 8 GB, I had to move to 16 GB. My 16 GB machines I moved to 32 GB.

      2) Iray is currently not capable of network render. In Poser > Octane I was able to use all 13 780 GTX / 780 Ti’s on the same task. Instead, I now just render different frames across the network on 5 different machines.

      To summarize, Poser holdouts are doing themselves a disservice by not even trying DS. Frustration with the interface (which I experienced, until I just made it look like Poser) lasted about 1 day. The superb render engine that is fully integrated into the software is fantastic. I really wish I had not spent 1400USD on Octane now, then again, if I had not, I would not be able to give an educated opinion about the two softwares. If I were Daz, I would ignore the Poser user base as well. It is not like a perfectly good alternative is not available for free and even long time Poser holdouts like myself are trying DS and seeing that is a better alternative for most users, especially the NVIATWAS still crowd.

      • Whoops! Sorry kanundra, the above was supposed to be a reply to the article not your comment. I apologize.

      • No problem, I wondered what I’d said 🙂

      • I have been experimenting with DAZ 4.8.
        Here is part 1 of my first head to head experiment

        and part 2:

        My main conclusion is that while Iray is a better renderer, it is a significantly slower renderer. I may use it for the occasional still picture but for my visual novel work, I need a faster renderer.

        Part of me would like to convert to DAZ, especially since the Genesis 3 version of Ariane is 90% complete with Karen 7

      • Two things come to mind:

        1) Do you have any Nvidia hardware?

        2) Did you convert the shaders to Iray?


        Iray would be pretty meaningless without Nvidia hardware. The beauty of the system is that you can get a 20x increase in render speed by adding a single used card off ebay for 225-300 USD. You cannot get the dollar to performance increase on x86 without investing in something like Vray first.

        All DS shaders should be converted prior to render, or it just approximates what it thinks it should be. You can select all objects and shaders and just apply the Iray Uber Base (found under shader presets) You can also make a script out of it by right clicking on it and then “Create Custom Action” for quick use.

        Under the People > Genesis 2 > Materials > Iray, you can also find a quick and dirty skin setup for G2F, works great. If you use a V4 UV set, you have to remove the SSS maps and replace with V4 ones, or delete them altogether and just use SSS with no maps.

        That’s about all I got. 😀

      • I used to use Nvidia, but my current card is Radeon and it is built into my motherboard. I do have an upgrade slot, but no plans to upgrade any time soon.

      • Getting to this late, heh. I was a longtime Poser user as well, since about 2002. I never switched to DS because it just frustrated me. In January I decided to start getting back into graphics, and DAZ had some amazing deals going on with their G2 F/M Pro Packages I decided to try DS again. I’m totally sold on DS. A lot of the features in Poser I never even bothered to use, too much hassle trying to get things to work right. Or I’m just lazy ;p~ I also find, that my Iray renders are sooo much faster than Firefly. Not sure why, but it’s great. At any rate, I’m still learning DS, but I really do love it. I can use all my years of accumulated V4 stuff on G2F and G3F. Having a blast with it!

      • First off: Hey, Gazukull; funny to see you here outside of your usual hangouts ^_^

        For my 2 cents:
        I consider myself more of a ‘hobbyist’ with Poser/Daz Studio (I don’t make a living with it, but consider it a past time [expensive though it may be]).

        I recently found myself using the Genesis 3 Female figure more, and therefore Daz Studio more, because of the increased flexibility of the model (and the baseline Genesis figure before it).

        Since I got in ‘late’ on the game (mostly in 2016), I think a lot of the issues early adopters found have been answered in some way.

        For example, I recently picked up an application from Daz3D that allows you to use Victoria 4 clothing on Genesis 3 (and that was already possible with Victoria 4 and Genesis), so I, therefore, have a LOT of clothing I can use in Daz Studio now.

        That being said, I still have my complaints, mainly in that I can’t use any of my extensive Victoria 4 skins with Genesis 3 (there were converters that allowed you to use Michael and Vicky sking [1-3] with Victoria 4, but no such for Genesis 3 unfortunately).

        Also, speaking as an amateur, I’m really disliking all the new content that uses “IRay” texturing. It seems that if you are using IRay, EVERYTHING in the scene needs that kind of texturing as well to make the image look right (and a lot of Poser textures don’t look right even in 3Delight, much less IRay).

        For the most part I will stick to Poser (just picked up Poser 11, as it was on sale ^_^), but when it calls for it I will go to Daz Studio [like if a morph I want to use is VERY different from ‘baseline human’].

      • how do you square it with DAZ running at 10% the speed of poser? i have a beast of a computer and anything past naked G3 is so maddeningly slow that i am just not interested. i’ve read the boards and optimized in every way i can, and i’m left with “you get what you pay for” which is $0 for Daz Studio.

        the community of shoppers has all but abandoned V4 at this point, and so i’m forced to switch, but aside from making pose sets i can’t see doing much anything else with it. in my game dev work i need to crank out HUNDREDS of renders, and poser burns them up in the queue manager- DS render speed is absolutely laughable.

        I suppose for you folks needing 1 render per hour it’s fine, but i have no idea how DS ever got so big being as insanely demanding on hardware as it is.

      • It’s more that it uses different hardware from Poser. Iray renders like Nvidia graphics cards with lots of CUDA cores; the DS viewport likes RAM (and the more geometry, the more RAM you use in preview). Poser’s Firefly and DS 3Delight use the CPU for rendering. I’m not sure about the new Cycles-based engine, mind.

        And yes, the big Nvidia cards are costly; but free Iray plus a card is still a lot cheaper than Octane plus a card for those who badly need 1. speed and 2. physically based lighting. And that’s more and more people. Reality is just as demanding and way too slow for this crowd.

    • I use Poser since 1997 (Poser 2) and I’m now on Poser Pro 2012. Whenever I messed with DS I gave up after a few minutes. Then I got DS 4.9 because I wanted to look at V6 and V7. I rendered and – wow! This Iray thing is great, even my old Poser files look so much better with it. This happened only two weeks ago but it made me learn to use DS. Pity that the render times are so long but the difference is worth it.

      I hate to say it but my times with Poser come to an end.

      • and the render speed doesn’t drive you mad? my beast computer does complex light/shadow renders in poser in about 45 seconds. in DAZ that’s 10-15 minutes minimum, and if they look better i cannot honestly tell.

      • I agree. I spend 2-3 hours per image detailing them and setting everything up perfectly. Render speed doesn’t bother me. That’s what I expect. I’m not pushing out 100 photos an hour–I’m pushing out 1 really amazing, highly detailed one. Waiting 15 minutes for it to load isn’t a bother at all. It’s worth it when it looks so natural and realistic.

  • Well, this is capitalism. The companies are always trying to sell their latest products. Sometimes, they release something “for free”, only to later sell items related to that thing. I bought two versions of Poser and also got Daz 3D, with many other accesories, models, but never got to learn how to use properly the programs. But I still receive tons of offers , you could spend thousands of dollars buying stuff … changing the programs is just a way to make people buy more stuff from their company. Probably the sales decreased recently…
    Anyway, if people receive these changes badly, not buying anything new from these companies, they will probably get back and support other programs again.

  • As you suggested in the post, the real problem with Victoria 7 is Victoria 4. Daz took far too long releasing Genesis after she came out, so everyone got used to using her, and developers embraced that by releasing loads of add-on such as clothes and hair in that time.

    There’s also absolutely nothing wrong with the V4. I am yet to see anything from the V5, V6 or V7 I couldn’t duplicate with some V4 morphs (apart from the occasional small aspect).

    Really, daz3d should just focus some sort of V4-HD model. Something which has more polygons, but maintains the basic shape/build. That way, they can release their updates and make their money, and at the same time make loads of users happy as all their clothing models will fit.

  • If you look at the clothing, skins, and hair from V4 to G3F you will notice a lot of similarities across generations. So much so that if you can put V4 stuff on G3F you would not feel compelled to buy G3F stuff (or not a lot of it since V4 stuff could make do). You mention it is a “relatively small” community. I agree. Therefore long time users (which thereby own a lot of pre-G3F content) who are willing to trade the time for conversion versus the convenience of buying an updated version are not going to bring in new revenue for DAZ. This is the crux of the problem for DAZ. They are a content company first and 3D software company second. They need to constantly generate new revenue from a relatively small pool of customers. They say Daz Studio has been downloaded over 2 million times but that is not 2 million users.

    From what I have read over the past couple years. Poser has not been anxious to bring DAZ content to Poser since they have Content Paradise which is a second source of revenue for them. I believe building a G3F for Poser would requiring licensing from Poser to Daz.

    I use both products and each has its merits.

    I agree a weight-mapped G3F for Poser and one for DAZ would best for both companies. DAZ may have some long term plan or trying to grab as much cash as they can.

    The real problem is 3D is maturing and the time of snap and build content is coming closer. Look at Blender, it use to be difficult to learn for people not from a Unix/Linux world. Imagine if somebody creates Poser/DS like plug-in for it so you can “Play like a Poser” and Blender store sees an opportunity to create tons of ready to use content at low prices. Not science fiction.

  • Fantastic article! As a new user of Daz I have been wondering about the differences in their products and you have pretty much set me straight on most points. Thanks! 🙂

  • Thanks for the article, now I know why Victoria 7 wasn’t working in Poser Pro 2012. I hate it when software companies and fan boys begin to fight and start their next holy war. I’m an occasional user and I’ll use whatever tools are the most effective to a given goal, I never get married to a platform. I’ll stay tuned and see where this saga leads me!

  • im not sure about poser (im a daz user, please dont hate 😉 ) but their is addons that allow use of older generation clothing on new models, most of the clothes i use are for v4 that i use on g2, and they recently released g2 to g3 converting. though i don’t know about v4 to g3. I personally have not switched to g3 yet due to lack of morphs and well i have 50+ characters created for g2. i probably wont switch to g3 until they give the ability to convert my g2 morphs to g3 which should theoretically be possible, as they have been slowly releasing the morph packs for g3 Ive noticed they are containing most the same morphs as its g2 counterpart. yes the v4 to g2 converting doesnt work well on its own, but combine it with daz’s geometry smoother and a few of the other addons designed for clothes fitting, and it works well.

    as far as the dson importer is concerned, i never had an issue, Ive tried poser on several occasions, and have been able to use all my characters created with daz, i don’t use poser because as you mentioned i got used to daz’s interface, and my biggest reason, the content browser in poser always crashes on me. i have some where over 2,000 different items and poser just doesnt seem to handle it for me.

    • also, whats your thought of daz integrating iray. personally i hate it, but only because Ive spent a bunch of money and time to learn and embrace luxrender. and now people are producing equal quality renders from iray without the effort.. so yeah im bitter about it, but what can you do.

      • Iray is a sophisticated render engine that allows for thousands of cores to work in parallel on a single task for very little investment, whereas Lux is not. To get equivalent rendering power into Luxrender… well you should look at renting computing power @ amazon compute cloud…

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  • I hate DAZ people for some reasons. But I come to DAZ store everyday for several years and this is what I have seen. Their sales volume is exploding lately! I try other stores like Rendorosity, Runtime DNA, Content Paradise, etc, and what I’ve seen is their sales volume is imploding lately!

  • There’s quite a number of incorrect points in this. While most of it is a fair personal point of view. First v7 has less polygons then v6. The issue with poser compatibility isn’t the geometry or bone complexity but the use of a 3d industry standard rigging system that poser just currently doesn’t support. In truth genesis 3 has been fairly widely accepted and poser users are migrating to daz studio in a fairly even stream to make use of the strengths of the new generation of figures and latest advancements of ds. Unfortunately sm dropped the ball with poser quite a number of years ago by pitting themselves directly against daz and actively making a stance to not collaborate with daz.lets hope the next version of poser sees some reason on cross platform compatibility.

    Anyways , cool blog 🙂

  • It’ll be interesting to see how much of a migration back to Poser from DS — if any — occurs now that DAZ has announced their intention to encrypt all of their new content. (They promise that all previously-unencrypted content will remain unencrypted, but I have little faith in promises.)

    • Very little from what can be determined at this point. But there are always those when change happens that like to yell that “if this goes ahead i will stop spending the x$ i have been spending here monthly” if this is anything like last time and the time before that, the fallout will be minimal. Really Poser suffers from severe version fragmentation issues among other problems to be a real competitor to DS these days.

  • I am 100% behind you on this. I use Poser, have for years, and I absolutely love it. It’s intuitive and somehow always manages to have enough screen real estate to fit in everything that I need routine access to (unlike D|S, which I feel tries to be entirely too graphic at the expense of the streamlined minimalism I am used to in Poser).

    And, of course, it plays natively with the Gen4 figures — and my massive library of content for them!

    I have a copy of Daz Studio 4.8 and quite a bit of content for the Genesis figures, including stuff for the new G3M figure. E&J released an absolutely GORGEOUS G3M character (Gregori) that I could not resist! I had been salivating since they used him in the Argenou Hair promo render and was praying that they would release him for sale.

    But I’ll be honest, part of the reason that I have those things is that I also have the DSON Importer for Poser and am able to bring them in. They’re still not native, though, and as you mention, it’s a broken product that will never be fixed. So in spite of my financial investment, my PC+ membership, and my enjoyment of the weight-mapped figures, I keep finding myself returning to Poser-native M4 and V4 (and the comparative lack of M4 content tells you just how much I love him).

    I will say one thing, though, their move to DRM content with D|S 4.9 has ensured that I will not be purchasing any of those products, no matter how enticing they may be and how fancy any new features are. They can claim anti-piracy all they want, but in my experience, companies that institute DRM almost always are far more incentivized by the idea of locking you in to their platform and holding your wallet hostage.

  • I gave DAZ a fair try after they released Gen3 I wanted to like it. I spent around 250 hours trying to learn all the intricacies and ins and outs of the program. That being said I spent around 400 dollars in the last month trying to get some content and this morning it hit me.. why am I doing this at all. I used to have fun with this hobby of mine and now it is just a struggle I no longer open my 3d programs daily matter of factly I dread using DAZ.

    I produce alright renders but they never quite reach the depth or soul I had with my poser work because in DAZ there is too much to worry about. Where is my content why can I not store things the way I want them without having to put down hours and hours of work.

    The DRM thing worries me, not because I want to pirate I have no want to cheat creators out of their hard earned sales but in my experience DRM only really stops one group of people… paying customers. Usually DRM means more will go wrong and slow you down or stop you in your tracks then it actually keeps pirates at bay because if history has shown anything they always find a way around it. I find it is a better incentive to keep them away by providing good products at competitive prices.

    Once I have my money back I am going to invest it in the new version of power instead. V4 and M4 still do all the things I would like them to and maybe one day I will find a more reliable program to convert DAZ clothing to my old faves.

  • Hello everyone.
    A few days ago i was able to put Michael 7 to poser (I have the newest Version Poser Pro 11, I work on the Mac).
    I have also DazStudio.
    But my problem is the Iray Render.
    1. It took to long to get right render Settings.
    2. It took to long to get the rendered image.
    I am a Hobby Artist (I always preferred the Poser Program) but i also worked with DazStudio.
    But the newest Version of DazStudio is for me not mine. I watched also the Tutorials on youtube for it but it is to complicated for me to work with the DAZStudio now. I want to work with the Program to get the results not to play around till the results for me acceptable.
    So i searched around the internet and i found a video where the put the Genesis 3 Female Figure to Poser Pro 2014. Here is the link and here The work with the Poser Companion files and the work great.
    After watching this , i give a try to Michael 7 to Poser Pro 11. And it Worked, especial the new SuperRender Engine.

    • Simple solution: don’t use Iray! DAZ Studio still has the 3Delight engine too, simply switch over in you render settings and leave Iray to the early adopters (and those with Nvidia cards).

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  • I’m one of the very frustrated Poser users. Getting the Genesis characters to work or render well in Poser is often impossible. And when I try Daz Studio, I never get far, because it’s so different, so aggravating to use. I create graphics for a living so my livelihood is threatened. I’ve used Poser for ten years, and it took me that long to develop my skills. I can’t easily switch to Daz Studio. I rarely buy anything at Daz now.

  • Well, interesting article – thanks. I’m the erotic comic maker. I use poser. So – first – V4 – gives me all what I need, second, I found some poses with G – character are impossible to use, and third – poser is more intuitive. Well… to the conclusion. I think Daz is trying to kick of the poser from the market. Example – some creators where switch from poser and daz stuff only for daz stuff. But – the problem is in somewhere else. The problem is that many people using one or other software, but they have no idea how to use it in a proper way. This is discussion about possibillities, and I can assure You that with V4 model You can achieve better effect in poser that with G3 or G4 with no clue how to set the lights and your scene… And honestly – I can see that most of the creators are very happy to use new improvements – but they seems to forgot about the IMAGE… Image is most important, no matter what ways where to used to catch the result. … And sorry for my english – it is not ny native language.

  • Hello everyone,
    I am an 3D-Artist and i use both programs (Poser and Daz).
    Whats big minus with Iray it takes to long to get a result even with the tutorials on the net (approximately a day for one picture).
    In the newest poser pro version all genesis characters work fine.
    Genesis 3 need a little bit more preparation.
    Tutorials for this work you can find on youtube.
    For expression to work you need the Genesis 3 Poser updater free at renderosity.
    But it works fine.
    I dont know why these people complaining?
    And they new render engine (Blender) is similar to Iray from Daz.
    Hope this could help anyone.

    happy rendering with DAZ & Poser
    kind regards

  • A lot of great discussions… from personal view point, I have always preferred poser for ease of use and will never switch to DAZ…. Over the past 15 years, I have spend ca. 10,000 p/y (on average) and am quite proficient with Poser, Now If DAZ is creating figures that cannot simply be used within Poser (like V4, M4), then their loss… I for one will not buy any of their G2 or G3 items….

  • Iv messed with poser since it started. Iv never posted a image i did in poser as i always thoguth it cheating in a way for what i do. So i just messed in it. Iv been messing with DS and i can say DS outshines posers broken software. Just using the hand posing controls today in ds I was amazed. Sliding from pistol grip to open hand is magical. i sat there for 5 mins just messing with the hands. they open and close so realistically. As for rendering. i did my first reality 4.2 render yesterday. It turned out to be one of the best renders iv ever done. iv been using max since win 98. a long time. all that time i gave up on rendering. i just never had the time to wait. Now i can do a photoreal character in 10 mins or less. Im so happy. Took me nearly 20 years to get to a place of simplicity to render. 1 camera. 1 mesh light. 1 hdri. pose and render. that easy. and boom. lovely renders . so now i can make my models in zbrush. shoot them to DS and render them. Finally a work flow that just works. If you aint tried Lux render REALITY 4.2 go get it and do your self a favor.

  • Hi there! I’m SickleYield. I have a very large tutorial index with several tutorials specifically targeted at converting clothing from Generation 4 to Generations 2 and 3:

    I also sell in my Daz3D store a number of products that facilitate conversion within Daz Studio, including conversion of Victoria 4 skins and their shaders to Genesis 2. Sadly changes in UV pretty much prevent conversion of V4 skins to G3 without a cumbersome workaround, but the G2 clothing and character collection is sufficiently vast and robust that a lot of people just continue using G2 when they want to use Generation 4 content.

    The hobby is not dying at all. It’s just that a lot of it is expanding and going forward in Daz Studio.

  • i have try poser as a crack (5 minutes direction trash)OMG the less intuitive 3D interface of all the 3D world by the side blender is easy daz look like more a real 3D prog but poser hundred bucks for this shit no way!!!

  • It’s funny because all Smith-Micro would have to do is try to work with Daz3D, support Genesis and .DUF etc. to end all this…

    …But nah, here at Smith-Micro, we like to go to war with a company that produces the main model everyone uses in our program and gives their software that practically does the same thing away for free. All of the content developers are leaving Poser? Who cares!!!

    Here at Smith-Micro we will barely produce any content and the content we do make no one will buy but surely we can still keep selling Poser for outrageous prices to survive!

    I’d really like to know who is making these incompetent decisions at Smith-Micro but they clearly plan on going out of business as their stock continue to plummet.

    I mean they lost almost 4 million in profit this the third quarter of this year. But yeah.

    Keep fighting Daz guys!

  • Rendering in Poser 2011 pro is so easy and quick, I have an 8 core NVidia setup and have tried in vain to use daz3d, but creating renders is all about time and sitting twiddling my thumbs for an hour waiting for a render to finish is not my cup of tea, also I tend to cram a lot of v4;s M4’s into a scene and poser pro reduced polygons works well to a limit and genesis explodes when you try to reduce her/him – I have not tried to load ,ore than one figure into daz3d, but I can guess the amount of morphs in GF3 would cram up the allocation of memory, not tried it, but it does seem fragile looking at the software?

    • Again, I’m speaking as far more of an amateur than probably anyone else here, but when it comes to GF3 I’ve always thought about the ‘loaded morphs’ problem as well.

      With Vicky 4 you could basically just load the morphs you wanted for a particular character, and ignore any others. With GF3 once you load a new set of morphs into the ‘base’ Daz Studio program, they are ALWAYS in the model, even if you only intend on using some of them sparingly.

      Again, there may be some way to reduce the number of morphs loaded into GF3 on a case by case basis, but I am unaware of it as yet.

  • I’m sure you’ve had time to reconsider the theme of this article, written over a year ago. You can download G3 Mods to make G3 and the lovely Victoria 7 work with Poser. If you don’t care for that, downloading daz for free and working with both. The only reason Poser is not on my HD is space and money for the time being. That being said, having worked with both genesis 3, genesis 2 (yes there is a difference and I wouldn’t trade g3 to go back to g2 or V4 for a thousand dollars), and v4. G3 really is the cutting edge, and the things you can do with the figure is amazing with the increased articulation and rigging. Materials-wise, generally the out-of-the-box mats are better, mind you I’ve only used 3d delight or whatever (it will be forgotten in a couple of years I’m sure) once or twice, IRAY is pretty damn good, though I have seen some really phenomenal work done in Superfly. Yes, Poser is on my wishlist and I look forward to doing some G3 and V7 renders there once I have it. Given that Poser users never had to use V7, but they can if they want, Would you say now that “V7 killing a hobby” is a bit of hyperbole in reconsideration?

  • hello guys I invite to all of you to give a tr to MAKE HUMAN and BLENDER, both are free, easy to learn, can Do basically build from scratch anything or just get itfrom other friendly people that share his creations just saying, sory for my bad english.

  • to all of yu guys I strongly invite to give a try to MAKEHUMAN and BLENDER, both free and both amazing just saying.

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