Updated: Elsaverse Games Now Available in Renpy


I mentioned a couple of times that I converted the four main Tlaero and Mortze “Elsaverse” games to Renpy, but could not release them because they were not mine to release.  Well I sent the source codes to Tlaero and Mortze personally, and they have released all four of my versions for free download.

Update: In the last three months, Tlaero herself has done official Renpy conversions of these games and released them for free on Patreon.  I changed all the links to the official Patreon pages.

Why Renpy? Because if you make a mistake, you can easily go back and try again.  You have about 60 save game slots, you see all the links on the page, and you don’t have to worry about download lag to continue the story.  All the animations work and are much smoother than waiting for all the images to download.

These games are in 1280×960 resolution.  Because they were designed for HTML, they are not widescreen, and the need to lower bandwidth means the images are not high res.  Like the HTML games, the text appears above the image, and the choices below, but unlike the HTML games, sometimes the text bleeds into the image.

To fix this, I sometimes split text into two different pages, so if you don’t see any links below the image, just click on the image to continue.


Dreaming With Elsa was the first of these games.  The original game allowed you to play as a White Hat good guy or a Black Hat dirty minded sex hound. If you successfully played your role you get different versions of scenes. I changed it where you can up front decide to play “Black” or “White” and watch your score reflect it.

The scoring system is a little different and more forgiving. You can get bonus points for achievements which make up for missed choices.

There is also a “Gray” mode that unlocks a Chloe scene. I didn’t implement this the same way. Taking advantage of the multiple opportunities to ogle Chloe will unlock it instead.

In “Preferences” you can also turn on “Story Mode” which is basically a cheat mode and gives you the selected version of the story no matter what your choices are.

There is a bonus scene if you hit all the achievements, but there is no achievement page on this one.  Playing both black and white should unlock the bonus.

Download PC version
Download Mac version


Redemption for Jessika is a little more straightforward than DwE. The hard part was some of the interactive sex scenes which I had to fudge a little, so they are not as interactive but it works OK.  HTML games can have links embedded in the images. Renpy can theoretically do that, but it is difficult, and I wasn’t interested in perfect conversions, just playable versions.

Bottom line (and this is true of all four of these games) is that any embedded links in the image will either appear below the image as a link, or if it is a single “continue” link, it will not appear as a link, and you can simply click the image to advance the story.

This one has 9 achievements which are easier to get since the hidden links aren’t hidden. There is a bonus scene available on the achievements page once you do them all.

Download PC version
Download Mac version


Finding Miranda I managed to convert nearly flawlessly except the scene where you go thorough your apartment looking for date ideas.  I had to convert it to a menu.  This might be my favorite game graphically as Mortze used the iRay renderer which wasn’t available while making the first two games.

The only downside is that instead of two versions of the story there are four, but doing all four, along with the other 5 achievements, unlocks an important bonus scene.

Download PC version
Download Mac version


My conversion of Saving Chloe is damn near perfect.  There are some built in HTML mini games in the original that I managed to simulate flawlessly in my Renpy version.  After getting all 9 endings, go to the ending gallery to see the biggest bonus in the series.  There is no “Story” mode on this one because it is not needed.  It’s all about the endings that you can get to following my map.

This is the finale of the series, though there is one more game Darkness Falls which serves as an epilogue and fills in some of the blanks as well as a few text only short stories that fill in more gaps.  (Yes I have an incomplete conversion of Darkness Falls, but I got busy with Ariane in Paradise and haven’t finished it yet.)

Download PC version
Download Mac version


  • Thank you for converting these games to Renpy. In my opinion, the engine makes the progression more fun. Can we expect Linux versions of them?

    • Mortze is the one who released these, the links are to his downloads, but he left the .rpy files in.

      If you want a Linux or Android version, do this:
      1. Download the latest Renpy from https://www.renpy.org/ Renpy is available for Linux.
      2. Copy the PC version of the games into the Renpy folder of the Renpy engine.
      3. Open Renpy and the games should show up as editable games. Then you can create a Linux, Android, or iOS distribution for your personal use.
      This trick works with all my games as well. I purposely leave the .rpy files in so people can tinker if they want, but I consider redistribution as copyright violation.

  • Excellent work, thank you!

    Now, if I could only succeed in reverse-engineering Miranda… 😀

  • There is a bug that prevents “Redemption for Jessika” from activating the “bad ending” achievement. Here is a patch:

    — RedemptionForJessika-1.0-pc/game/jess.rpy 2018-02-27 02:12:56.000000000 +0100
    +++ RedemptionForJessika-1.0-pc-mod/game/jess.rpy 2019-10-18 21:28:40.784183688 +0200
    @@ -2751,6 +2751,7 @@
    scene black2^M
    show cfin1 at Center^M
    show screen Stats_Frame^M
    + $ persistent.achBad = True^M
    “You hear the sound of a woman\’s voice, but you can\’t quite make out what she\’s saying. It\’s hard to see as well. “^M
    “Blink a few times to clear your vision.”:^M

    • Thanks! Now I’m wondering how I got the achievement if that was always a bug.

      The links to these games go to Mortze’s site, so I have no control of the downloads. But as I pointed out above, you can customize the games by downloading Renpy and editing them yourself.

      In between lines 2753 and 2754 of jess.rpy add a line:
      $ persistent.achBad = True
      Make sure the new line matches the indentations and save.

  • Any chances this can get released on Android just like your games?

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