Goodbye Twitter, Hello Tumblr

With the recent ownership changes to Twitter, I’m bailing on the platform. I’m sure my 133 followers there are likely to be disappointed, but I’m going back to Tumblr. Yeah, I know that will affect traffic on Twitter not at all, but it’s the thought that counts.

You mean Tumblr that banned nudity? That Tumblr?

Yes, that is because as of November 1, Tumblr is allowing nudity again. The ban on nudity was the result of then owner Verizon, who inherited the site from Yahoo!, deciding they want out of the mature audience social media business. But after the numbers dwindled (as expected), the site got bought out by the owners of WordPress — is a site BTW is the same as and — so they are just making the rules the same: no explicit porn, but artistic nudity is fine.

To see nudity on Tumblr, you have to have an account, and go to account settings, “content you see” and show everything. I am mostly tagging nude images with “mature” but sometimes I add “sexual themes” depending on the context. I have updated all the posts going back to July with corrected links and full uncensored images.

My Tumblr site is, I also have a Rachel themed modeling portfolio at which I am slowly updating with previously banned images.

I think I may start posting more often at as well.

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