Rescued Facebook Exclusives Part 1


After deciding to kill my Facebook group last week, I realized there were a number of pictures I released exclusively on the Facebook page and nowhere else during the years 2012 to 2016.

So before the group gets deleted, I thought I’d mount a rescue party.  I found 22 pictures that were exclusive or very hard to find anywhere besides Facebook group.  Here is the first group in Chronological order.

1. In 2012, was an internet wide movement to stop a stupid new law.  I decided I would do my part.


2. This is in reference to a sexist remark made by Republican candidate Mitt Romney during the 2012 Presidential debate vs Barack Obama.


3. One of the ways I was hoping to improve Ariane in Something’s In the Air was to make her emote more.  Here were some expressions I came up with.


4. A fake cover of a comic book I made for the background of Something’s In The Air.


For the record Kurt Howard was the one that came up with the name for “Arch Angel”


5. A cut character from Something’s In The Air. You can find more info here.


6. Someone made a comment about how Lara Croft and Ariane are growing more similar in looks as their graphics have improved.  Here was my response.


7. The original promotional poster for Something’s In The Air.

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