Rescued Facebook Exclusives Part 2


8. (ca. 2013) This is a test image for the opening screen of Date Ariane Renpy.  I was looking at different hair styles to use for the updated graphics. I eventually used this hairstyle in Ariane in Paradise.


9. Test images for an idea for a Date Rachel game I never developed.


10. Climate expert Paula explains why a cold winter does not disprove “global warming”.


11. Superbowl XLVIII in 2014.  Broncos vs Seahawks.


I thought my post about the death of the creator of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” book series was very clever.


12. Rare overhead render of Ariane’s backyard from Date Ariane Renpy


13. Original online Ariane, SITA Ariane, and Date Ariane Renpy Ariane meet over drinks.


14. Superbowl XIX in 2015. Patriots vs. Seahawks.


Evidence that once upon a time Date Ariane was featured in an article on  The link is now dead, probably during that period when Vice transitioned from pop culture site to legitimate news site.

The Wayback Machine has it archived here:


  • VICE is garbage.

  • I came here to post a link to the wayback machine…only to see that you thought of that yourself between the original version of this post going up and my reading it.

    That article manages to be a weird mix of prudish and prurient. “I want you all to understand that these games I’ve catalogued here all do NOTHING for me!”

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