Dumping Facebook Page


I’ve decided to drop my Date Ariane page on Facebook with its over 4000 likes and followers.  Facebook is super irresponsible in the social media world and politics, and I want nothing to do with tacitly supporting them.

Yeah I know, they aren’t going to care one iota about me erasing my page, especially since I never once purchased any advertising from them.  It’s the principle of the thing.

Ironically, I am continuing to post to Instagram (which is owned by Facebook), but Instagram is no where near as toxic.  Also Reddit and Deviant Arts.

Instagram has 277 followers, where I post promotional stuff.  The r/dateariane page (379 followers) on Reddit is a good place for fan posts and what not.  Deviant Arts (159 watchers) is where I post uncensored art (you’ll need a membership to see it), and there is still the Discord (511 members) just to chat.  None have anywhere close to the following of Facebook, but I don’t care.

Besides my real audience is hanging out at F95zone.  If I really wanted to promote stuff, it would probably be there.


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