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Date Ariane Graphics Update

I am releasing a graphics update for some versions of Date Ariane. Currently this is for the English and German PC, Mac, and Linux versions.  Portuguese and French PC/Mac versions are now updated as well.  Let me explain this update Q&A style: What has been updated? About 95% of the pictures have been updated, over 1100. I don’t see much

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How Victoria 7 Is Killing A Hobby

As someone who does a lot of work in Poser for my games and other projects, that means I am involved in the 3D Rendering community, which I have written about before. About 3 years ago the community started getting bigger thanks to Daz3D releasing Daz Studio for free. Until then, the community primarily consisted of users of Poser software,

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Photo Software Finally Upgraded

As I have said many times before, most of my artwork is done in Poser.  In fact it is the very latest version: Poser Pro 2012.  Now as anyone who does 3D rendering knows, the renders rarely come out perfect.  In order to make them look better, you have to use a photo processing program, most famously being Adobe Photoshop.

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