Creative Mood Swings


Sorry I have not written in a while or posted anything.  The truth is I am having one of my creative mood swings, which is something I have been having for a couple of decades now.

For most of June and July, I was in creative mode working on the graphics update (see last post) and a thread for “Rachel and Ariane”.  As per usual, I started losing interest in creating and now I have swung into gaming mode, where all I want to do is enjoy other people’s games.  At some point in the future, I will get tired of playing and want more creative control, and will suddenly want to create again. It WILL happen eventually.

So to answer everyone’s question, I have no idea when the next game will be out, or when the android versions with the new graphics will be out.

The Android Copyright Problem

The biggest complaint is that people can’t download the android version directly to their android devices.  The reason is that Google has a strict copyright on APK files.  My file server that I rent from GoDaddy protects Google’s copyright. If it detects an apk file being downloaded by an Android device, it kills the download, hence the reason you can’t download the game directly.  I tried using a Google file server, but they stopped it in other ways.

So the only way to get the APK file for Android is to download it to a non-android device like a Windows computer or a mac, or a Chromebook, and then move it to the android device via USB cable or microSD card.  Sorry this is difficult.

The INTP Personality

I have an INTP personality. This is our greatest strength: We are good at stuff and know stuff. We find something that interests us, and we study the hell out of it until we become experts. We find a skill that we enjoy doing, and we master that skill.

This is our greatest weakness: When outside forces develop expectations for these interests and skills, our desire to improve to meet expectations goes right out the window.

I mention this, because I am having an INTP style dilemma.

To make a really successful indie gaming enterprise, I need to set up a Patreon, and find ways to release these games on Google Play Store and/or Steam, and I need to get them properly translated, because for some reason I have huge followings in Germany and Brazil. To do it properly turns it into a part time job.

The more I think about doing all this work, the less interest I have in finishing the actual games. It becomes a distraction that hinders my interest in even making the games.

So content creation comes first.  No Patreon, no Play Store, it’s too much work I am not interested in doing.

My number one motivation is to make these games for myself. It’s my hobby, my way to relax, my way to express myself.  I enjoy playing them as much as I enjoy making them.

I could either share them the way I have been: posting them on a file server and letting people download them with no support and no promise that they will work on your devices, or I could not share and just enjoy them myself.

So I choose the easiest route that benefits the most people and keep doing what I have been doing.

Anyways, to prove I’m still working on stuff, here’s some art you haven’t seen yet.:




  • I am an ISTP. Proud of it too!! 🙂

  • I decided that “Ariane” is a ISFP, “Rachel” is a ENTP, and “Paula” is an INTJ.

  • Shucky darn, no ISTP’s? We are considered “living computers” or ultra-geeks. Since we think a lot, we think about sex a lot, too! 🙂

  • I’ve established Rachel as a science nerd and a geek, like me the INTP, but she also likes crowds (Amusement park, house party, sci-fi convention), so she must be an extrovert.

    As for Ariane as an ISFP, just read the description.

  • Dear Ariane,

    I’m a bit disappointed that Airane isn’t an INTP, but that’s a very nice piece of art. Will the game be from Rache’s point of view, trying to seduce Ariane, like the male player in Dating Ariene?

    I really enjoyed playing that game; especially winning it and letting Ariane get into bed first – who could decline an invitation like that? The journey there was great fun. I was amazed to find out that the Dating Ariane had been created by a woman. Smart, attractive and into Astronomy? A surprise of the ‘pinch me I must be dreaming’ variety; thanks for sharing your wonderful game!

    Have you ever played the vintage Leisure Suit Larry games by Sierra, if not seek them out and ye shall enjoy!


  • Wouldn’t it work if you hosted it on mediafire or something like that?

    (And I can host it on my server if you want. It’s my own server)

  • As an INTP myself i can feel your INTPness through every dialogues in games. I genuinely love your games!

  • Ich möchte das gerne mal spielen aber komme leider nicht rein! Können sie mir vlt sagen wo ich das spielen kann?

  • Hey JFK, nicht erschrecken, wenn Du sogar eine Antwort auf deutsch erhältst. Zunächst, was möchtest Du gern mal spielen?
    Wenn Du “Date Ariane” meinst, dann kannst Du dieses Spiel herunterladen, indem Du hier oben im Seitenmenü “Date Ariane” anklickst, im Dropdown-Menü “Date Ariane Deutsch” auswählst und dann der Beschreibung auf der Seite folgst.
    Beachte jedoch, dass (leider) nicht alle Texte im Spiel ins Deutsche übersetzt wurden oder nur eine maschinelle (und damit oftmals sinnfreie) Übersetzung haben.

  • ok wtf is this page dyke
    copying iconic legend queen ariane sucadic i see? smfh

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