Updated Date Ariane first store product

After opening a store, I need to put merchandise in it. The most popular game Date Ariane, has not been updated in a few years, so that is what I have been working on the last week or so.

The new version, which I am just calling “2021” combines the 6 versions that I used to host into one single version. All 5 languages are included, but because the game has radically changed since the “international” versions were made, I had to “Google Translate” to Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese. Yes I know these will seem unnatural and strange to native speakers, but I worked hard to make sure every section of the game is translated, no more sudden lines of untranslated English popping up occasionally. At least I think I found them all.

One negative of this for everybody is reduced the number of Trivia questions from 64 mostly American pop culture trivia questions, to 16 international friendly questions about math, science, geography, world history, and world politics. (Hint: The World Politics question is about Brexit)

On the positive side, there are three new achievements, now totaling 81, that I think you will like better. I want to talk about them, but I’ll leave this post spoiler free.

My store is through Payloadz, a storefront service I have bought from before and have been mostly happy with. They offer fast downloads, and the ability to redownload your past purchases for free if you create a login. Great for free updates.

Store links available on Date Ariane page.

UPDATE: Ariane in Paradise is now in the store. I finished the coding of SITA and RMA, but the newest release of Renpy has some bugs that will cause the games made on them to not work on some PCs, so I am waiting for the next release of Renpy to finish those. Also, I am working on android versions, with RMA being the only one that is ready. Should have a full store of all files in a couple of weeks, or end of January at the latest.


  • Hello, first of all this game is very cool, I have played the first date Ariane, then a little of the others Sita and Ariane in paradise, and I can say that they are very cool and entreraining.

    If one would want to help perhaps with improving the translation (not that I would really want to, just a thought) how would it have to proceed?

  • is it possible to buy it without paypal?

  • It probably says something that you keep trying to revisit and change this first date.

  • Speaking as someone who has a members section to help fund and keep his games online, this sounds like a very fair option.

    Also, since I’ve been commenting on this blog for the first time in a while, it would feel a bit weird if I didn’t share an experiment I did in IRAY with my version of Ariane. I tried to keep it sexy but tasteful : http://www.vdategames.com/files/arianehike.jpg

    Fell free to post it somewhere yourself if you like. 🙂

  • Hey,
    Since you said that you had to use Google Translate (which does not always offer the grammatically correct translations, especially when dealing with Indo-European languages) I was wondering whether you’d appreciate the help of a native German speaker like myself?
    I do realize that the game was recently updated and that some time might pass until new translations will be implemented but I thought that asking won’t harm anyone 🙂

    • I can help with this actually, as there was a recent time when the game was translated into German by Thorsten Frei, but due to many changes, and lots of untranslated lines, I could not move it to this version.

      But come to think of it, I can! Download this file: (link broken) use this: https://arianeb.files.wordpress.com/2021/01/new_german_translation-1.zip Extract the contents to the (your path)\DateAriane-pc\game\tl directory.

      What this is, is Thorston Frei’s partial translation, with google translation of the missing lines. If you want to fix the translation further, go to that directory and edit the files ending in “.rpy” Each file contains a line:
      # TODO: Translation updated at 2021-01-07

      This is where the human translation ends, and the machine translation begins!

      You can use this to replace the german translation that is currently in the game, but when playing this translation you are going to run into some lines that are not translated. This is because the internal names of the lines have changed. For example, this happens when you read Ariane a poem early in the game. Suddenly the lines turn into english.

      There is a fix for this but it is very time consuming.

  • Hello, Ariane!
    I and my friend absolutely love your games. We have binge-played them all, and acquired every ending on every game.
    Just to leave a note. Google Translate is not the best machine translator out there – there’s this one «https://www.deepl.com/translator» which gets the job done much better.

  • Hey! I am back!

    After hours of sitting in front of my screen and amusing myself realizing that Google Translate’s translation skills are either non-existent or just as tiny as Rebeccas boobies, I have finally finished translating *every* file included in the folder from the line “# TODO: Translation updated at 2021-01-07” on. I couldn’t find that line in the “commons.rpy” file tho. If you want me to translate that one as well, just contact me and tell me what parts you need.

    I did my very best trying to make everything sound nice and smooth to fit the well thought out dialogues and scenes. I hope that some of my Germany fellas will also able to enjoy this incredible piece of work – and I’m being absolutely honest saying this.

    You might need to check for syntax issues since I’m not quite sure whether or not I might have accidentally deleted brackets or backslashes, I hope that didn’t happen 😬

    Last but not least, here’s the link to my Google Drive folder where you can download the complete, translated “german” folder: (link deleted)

    Btw.: I didn’t add my name next to Thorsten Frey’s, a little credit would be nice tho 🙂
    (Just in case this will ever be published lol)

    Anyways, I wish you a nice day and I’m looking forward to hear from you.


  • Christopher Daria

    HELP-HELP-HELP! I have long been a fan of your games. ( I think I have something of a crush on Ariane) and acknowledge your need to go to a cash and carry version of your games.  However I am not a fan of pay pal.  The reason is, when I went to your link to buy the 2021 version of Date Ariane, it will not process my purchase without an address.  While I am purchasing with a U.S.  credit card, I do not have a U.S. address and the automated pay service cannot accomodate this. How can we get around this?  I want to continue to support your efforts but I am in Australia and pay pal won’t talk to me. What should i do?

  • Anyone has a walkthrough on the new achievements? I can’t for the love of god get any of them

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