Missing Pictures in Date Ariane found

When I was making the “Date Ariane HD” version in 2018, I was upgrading all the pictures to 1500×900 resolution. I decided there were 50 or so “ending” pictures that were rare enough that they could be replaced with something generic. The generic usually consisted of a picture of Ariane putting her hands up as a sign of refusal with an appropriate background depending on where the refusal takes place. So there are 20 or so png sprites of Ariane refusing in every state of dress or undress, wet or dry, and then there are blank backgrounds depending on where the refusal takes place, drastically cutting the number of ending pictures needed.

But this resulted in some endings not having an appropriate picture. Endings are things to be avoided, so these rarely come up. One I discovered last month when if you buy pizza and get Ariane to wash her stain out of her shirt, and then follow her in the bathroom, the game crashed because there was no image for that. I wrote a couple of lines to give it a generic end.

Then Redfox found another one when Ariane jumps in the pool fully clothed, the ending picture is missing. I looked into it and it has been missing for 3 years now. Without rewriting the code, I just rendered the above picture “allwet3.jpg”, which you can copy and save to the dateariane/game/images folder if you wish. “allwet3a.jpg” is also missing. Here it is for you to copy and save:

I have uploaded corrected versions to the store (including the free patch). There is no change to the game other than these two missing images. I have since checked every ending in the game to see if there are any more missing ending pictures, and I could not find any, but there still could be. Post a comment if you know of any other missing pictures.


  • Hello, first of all your games are very cool.

    second: when you released date ariane 2021 something in the text made me think that all 3 games (da, sita, aip) would be kinda like one game, but they are all still separate right?

    do you think in joining the three games or something and what will be the future of ariane?

  • car7 is a missing image. Got that one when driving to the convenience store in a towel after nude at the nightclub.

    There’s also a crash in the lingerie store when she’s in a dress and you chose pushup bra and boy shorts.

    • I did a stealth update to fix that car7 issue. You can copy car7a, then rename the copy car7 to fix that. As for the lingerie crash, I’ll have to investigate that.

      Investigated, it is an issue regardless of what dress state Ariane is in. When I changed the format of the lingerie shop display, I somehow missed that combination. Ran the lint debugger and found two more missing file issues in very rare situations, like if you get pizza sauce on Ariane’s top then ask to go for a drive. Also fixed an issue where watching credits in French or Portuguese might crash the game.

      These bugs are very rare, but I updated all the files in the store and the free updater to include the fixes.

  • I was looking through the game files and found the old amusement park images but i tried playing the game many times but am unable to access that portion of the game. (coaster 0 to 6a) Is it still accessible in the game? Same with fast food images are they accessible in the game anymore? As they are still in the game files.

  • When I try to run the updated 2021 version (extracted the “game” folder, copied it to my “DateArianeGerman-win” folder, where the .exe is, let it replace the files and I just get an error so the 2021 patch doesn’t work for me….

  • Hi.

    I found missing all the images of drinking in the backyard after swimming (wet and naked, wet and in bikini, and wet and just with bikini bottom).

    best regards.

  • There’s a misnamed image. If a player goes to the couch while Ariane is just wearing her underwear and then tries to massage her back, the player gets a “moback2.jpg not found” message. The correct image does exist, it’s just misnamed “moback3.jpg”. Looking back, this was not a problem in the html versions.

  • Hi, I found a missing image, racestart7, it occurs when Ariane is missig the top half of her bikini and starts the swimming race.

  • At the waterfall part it appears the text: image ‘overwaterfall5’ not found.
    Why? Please help.

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