Ariane in Paradise 1.21

While working on Date Ariane Remastered, I added some features that would be very useful in my other games, and I decided to start with Ariane in Paradise. There is no new material since the graphics update I released back in April, but here are some features some of you might be interested in.

Help Paths

The whole purpose of “help paths” is to avoid, having to look up how to do stuff on the website. It is not complete. I didn’t add specific paths for the various achievements, but there is enough help to get through the game if you are having problems.

It does include help on the “i Spy” and Seashell puzzles. The hiking maze has some helpful hints, but it is not a perfect solution. Answers to the volleyball game and hide and seek puzzles are not given due to the game coding, you can find those answers in the wiki if you really need them.

To access the paths, use the rarely used “Help” option on the main menu, it will default to the “paths” help where you will find 12 paths to choose from with options to enable or disable as needed. 3 are day 1, 3 from morning of day 2, 3 from afternoon of day 2, and 3 from day 3. Some paths are internally identical, selecting “enable” for any of the Day 2 afternoon paths, will enable them all as which path you take is determined by decisions made on day 1. Same on day 3 as whether you take a hike or follow the beach is determined with previous choices.

Once enabled, you will see magenta text in the menu choices indicating the likely correct choice, though depending on your goal, they are not always correct.

The Day 1 paths are a little odd as there are three story paths (hike, pirate cove, yacht ride) and three player identities (tourist, rich traveler, here on business) which you can mix and match in the game, but for simplicity sake I paired one of each category to make the three paths: tourist/hike, rich/pirate cove, and business/yacht ride. The paths assume you are OK with nudity, but does not assume your choice of science geek or outdoor enthusiast.

Hires Android version

This is for only, I uploaded two versions of AiP in Android, a low memory low resolution version for small and older android phones, and a high resolution version for newer phones and tablets. Both feature bigger easy to read text and central touch screen friendly menus. For easier coding purposes the stereo audio sound effects and music are the same in both versions. They also include the help paths and Spanish translation.

Language changes

Version 1.11 broke the languages in the game, and the addition of help paths broke it even further. Language support is difficult, and I have been forced to make a change. Ariane in Paradise has a human translated Spanish version that I didn’t want to abandon, so I spent the time to fix all the lines that weren’t translating properly, but I did abandon the bad machine translations in French, German, and Portuguese. I did not get a lot of positive interest in them anyways.

Free Upgrade

If you already own version 1.10 or higher, you can upgrade to 1.21 for free by downloading the “free sample” in the lower right of this page or the free patch at the page.

On PC or Linux, extract the file to the directory where the arianeinparadise.exe is located, say yes to replace files.

On Mac you control-click (right-click) the Ariane in Paradise app, Show  Package Contents, go to Contents/Resources/autorun/ and drag the patch game folder, and if a window pops up, choose “Combine”.

Version 1.21

I got some reports that some people who updated their game with the patch were getting this screen when they tried to launch:

The command “xsize” is new to Renpy, and is not a valid command for Renpy version 7.3.xxxx that the original version of the game was built in. So people that patch their game with every new patch might be running on a version of Renpy that doesn’t like the command. So I released a 1.21 patch that replaces xsize with an older equivalent that should work fine on 7.3 versions of Renpy.

If you didn’t get this message your copy of Ariane in Paradise uses Renpy 7.4 or if you didn’t patch and just downloaded a new copy, you are running 7.5 (you can check your Renpy version in “About” and scroll to the bottom).

Android versions that cannot be patched will not have this issue. 1.21 only exists for this issue, otherwise 1.20 is identical to 1.21.


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