Date Ariane Remastered 1.03

One of about 51 images updated to reflect recent changes to the other games.

Since the release of Date Ariane Remastered last April, I have been working on updating the other games, specifically Ariane in Paradise, Hopepunk City, and the still in progress Something’s In The Air Redux. During the update of these other games some continuity issues have crept up, and that is mostly what is being addressed in this small update. The changes are barely noticeable unless I point them out.

The above image from a convenient store is just such a change. Since DAR’s release I created new covers to Beach and Hooboy magazines, and I decided that store clerks should wear white instead of red, because red shirts blend too much with the store decor. I’ve also made updates to the decor in the Drive-N-Dine since the images on the wall are 14 years old and definitely looked like it, and since the other 3 games have updated the flash forwards after drinking absinthe should reflect the new looks of the games they are supposed to represent. This update was done now because I just updated the scene in Something’s In the Air Redux that is referenced in Date Ariane Remastered.

A few dialog fixes in the credits, a misgender line in the lingerie store, and some changes to wordle like puzzle in the amusement park that are not compatible with python 3.9 were also fixed.

Updates were done on Steam,, and the Payloadz store. If you cannot redownload the game, a patch 1.0 to 1.3 patch is available as a free sample file on Payloadz and store pages. See the included readme for installation instructions.

10/19/22 Edit to add: update patch breaks the “wordle” game for some players who patch. Posted a corrected patch.

Also Android version now available on page.

Holiday Steam Sale Coming

The game is a little more expensive on Steam vs other sources, mostly because Steamworks takes 30% off all sales and offers some additional benefits (steam library and steam achievements) you can’t get anywhere else.

That said I am participating in their annual holiday sales. The steam version will be 10% off during the Black Friday to Cyber Monday and Christmas to New Years sales events.

11/11/22 Edit to add: Got reports that some steam achievements stopped working with 1.03 release. I accidentally removed code to handle some achievements when I updated to 1.03. There is now a 1.04 version available on Steam that fixes achievement issues and upgrades game to Renpy 8.03.


  • hello,
    I use steam version 1.03 and got a problem. I got many ingame achievements – but no steam achievements. I tried to reinstall the game but no change – still 0 steam achievements.

    • Thanks for letting me know, I’ll have to investigate this.

    • Now fixed. Download 1.04. This is a Steam Only update,

      • thank you, I am able to get some achievements on steam now (11 in a few minutes of testing) but not all of them. I got “100 Dates with Ariane” but not the “First Date with Ariane” – maybe it’s needed to reset the ingame achievements somehow?

        Also I didn’t get “Couch Fun”, “Green Fairy”, “The Vortex” and some other when I repeated them again ingame. I will give it more testing.

        Thank you for your fast response, I was nicely surprised 🙂

      • I loaded the game onto a second account and it gave me the multiple date achievement after the first date, which is probably caused by not erasing progress before hand. Ill try those other achievements and fix code if they are still not working.

        I was able to get all those achievements. I found a bug where it was awarding 50 kisses early, and another trying to get to the absynth and patched them both. I am planning to do all the achievements on this second account just to be sure, but it is looking good.

  • the game isnt on steam is this normal?

  • Hi,
    First, I love what you did with the remaster!
    I noticed some bugs in this version, twinkle toes doesn’t have music, it seems, Linux version (can share save files if needed), when going through the romantic dinner walk through, Ariane doesn’t eat!
    Again, great game that I’ve been enjoying for years, can also help debugging stuff or playtesting fixes if needed.

  • Is there an iPhone version of the game?

  • Hi how can i make Ariana go strip on the night club please respond

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