Hopepunk City 1.1 Anniversary Edition

I released Hopepunk City right about a year ago late September/early October 2021. Since then I released an updated Date Ariane Remastered, an updated Ariane in Paradise, and started a major update on Something’s In The Air and Rachel Meets Ariane called Something’s In The Air Redux.

Being just a year old, Hopepunk City doesn’t need any major upgrades, but I added some new innovations to the other games that I felt needed to be in place on all the games.

Help Paths

The whole purpose of “help paths” is to avoid, having to look up how to do stuff on the website. For Hopepunk City, I felt it best to divide paths into three categories. Text for friendship points (needed to stay living in the loft) is in Magenta, text for paths related to romancing a character is in Red, and text for getting and keeping a job is in Orange.

It is not complete. I didn’t add specific paths for all 70 achievements, but there is enough help to get through the game if you are having problems. You can now access the epilogue after only 60 of the 70 achievements have been met, and the list of achievements on the website has not changed.

To access the paths, use the rarely used “Help” option on the main menu, it will default to the “paths” help where you will find 14 total paths to choose from with options to enable or disable as needed. One will highlight the best choices for making friends, 3 will highlight the paths to romance the three main characters, and 10 will highlight how to reach the 17 different careers available in the game.

Once enabled, you will see magenta, red and orange text in the menu choices indicating the likely correct choice, though depending on your goal, they are not always correct. Worse there are sections of the game like the market and the weekly schedule where you are likely to see contradictory choices. This is where you have to use your best judgement — which is the point of the game.

Hires Android version

This is for itch.io only, I uploaded two versions of HC in Android, a low memory low resolution version for small and older android phones, and a high resolution version for newer phones and tablets. Both feature bigger easy to read text and central touch screen friendly menus. Both versions include the help paths and “censored mode” which didn’t used to be part of Android.

Most of the time I restructured the text so that the menu choices does not cover the text. Sometimes that is done by showing the text on one page and showing the choices on the next page. One place where you might run into choices covering text is the market as illustrated. The white text never changes, but the number of choices can go as high as 8 and that will cover some of the white text. Since the white text on this page never changes, I decided to not make it a priority to do separate pages.

Minor text and Graphics Changes

The 1.0 version already looks great, so no need to update the graphics except for a couple of low quality close up images of Ariane with rough looking skin, that I smoothed out. Most of the graphics changes were to bring the game inline as a sequel to DA Remastered and SITA Redux instead of the old games. For example the wall images above show different images of Rachel on the cover and insert of “Beach” magazine than the one seen in the current version of SITA. These are the ones used in SITAR instead. The wall image of Ariane on the hood of her old SUV has been changed to the DAR version, too.

You’ll see Ariane dress in the Date Ariane Remastered clothes in the Council scene, and sport the Date Ariane Remastered hair in the game’s epilogue. Also a handful of lines of text that refers to events in Date Ariane, have been rewritten if those events changed in Date Ariane Remastered. For example there is a scene where you go to a swimming pool that used to be in Ariane’s backyard in DA, but moved behind her yard in DAR, so I had to change those lines.

Free Upgrade

If you already own version 1.0 or higher on PC or Mac, you can upgrade to 1.1 for free by downloading the hopepunkcity11patch.zip “free sample” in the lower right of this page (same file for both PC and Mac) or the free patch at the itch.io page.

On Windows or Linux, extract the file to the directory where the arianeinparadise.exe is located, say yes to replace files.

On Mac you control-click (right-click) the Ariane in Paradise app, Show Package Contents, go to Contents/Resources/autorun/ and drag the patch game folder, and if a window pops up, choose “Combine”.

Already Available for Purchase

If you purchase the game new at the Site Store or itch.io the latest 1.1 version will download by default.


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