The Deal with “Rachel Meets Ariane”


Bottom line is this: I will not be releasing Rachel Meets Ariane The Game anytime soon, possibly never.  The good news is that the online story will be more complete, and a part 5 is coming, maybe a part 6.

The Rachel Meets Ariane game has always been nothing more than the Rachel Meets Ariane story I have been publishing in serial form for the last couple of years, but complete and with some minor added choices along the way.  The “game” version was just the same story but presented in a different format that emphasizes the pictures.


I was planning on putting it into game form because online you cannot view the full size art work properly. While the last two games had over 1000 images each, this one has less than 200. No sound or music and no animations, just an illustrated story.

People seem to be under the impression that this game was going to be all new. It was always going to be a rehash of older material, and I don’t want to mislead anyone.  Also, putting out another “game” is a lot of work, and there will likely be demands for different versions for different devices and different languages. Keeping the material “online” makes everything a lot simpler.


I came to this decision this week while trying to finish the game. The whole project has been experimental, and I am not sure the experiment worked. I have very limited experience writing stories of any sort, and I wanted to challenge myself in writing a longer narrative.

I was trying to finish “Part 4” which my idea was to have choices leading to 3 possible endings. I was writing a draft of the third ending — an ending that is supposed to conclude Rachel’s arc — and it was not working at all.  I was trying to squeeze too much detail into too short of a timeline.


After thinking long and hard about the narrative problem, I decided that the story works better in serial rather than in parallel. So path 1 will be the only path, and path 2 will be rewritten to be tacked on to the end, and the incomplete path 3 will either end the story, or take it in a new direction.


So, I just published the official canon “Part 4: Rachel and Ariane go to the Top Club” that is shorter and less complicated than the draft I released prematurely last winter and ends on a nice little cliff hangar.

I also updated parts 1 and 2, correcting grammar and spelling errors. Part 1 was written in the past tense before, I corrected it.

I will repost the multiple ending material I released before for part 3 as soon as I am able to convert the original HTML pages to WordPress format so you can once again see all 10 possible photos Rachel took of Ariane in the fall.

I’ll bounce the soon to be released Part 5 which takes place over Christmas and New Years off the end.

Sorry to disappoint about the game. Ultimately, This plan will work out better.


I just finished updating the Rachel and Ariane pages.

1. The Rachel Meets Ariane page has been updated with new HD (1960×1080) renders that I created for the game.

2. The Rachel Takes Ariane’s Photo page now has all the original choices, meaning there are 12 different versions which you can read by making choices for Rachel.

3. All of the pages, including the 12 different versions of part 3, now have a gallery at the bottom, where you can see the full sized 1960×1080 versions of the pictures used in the story.


  • Sounds like the right move.

    I remember that Top Club story. It had quite a few twists in itself. Was that meant to be one possible path in the game?

  • I’m sure you made the right call
    plus this way you can always add another chapter to “Rachel Meets Ariane” anytime to keep the story going

  • Bonjour vous être jolie 

    Envoyé de mon appareil Samsung de Bell via le réseau le plus vaste au pays.

  • I wrote my own Renpy-Game(s) of “Rachel and Ariane” short after Ariane has released the final part of this story.
    Games (in plural) since Ariane was using two differnet image sizes. A smaller one for part one and a bigger size for the other parts.

    The transfer of the texts and images from the online Version into a Renpy game was verry easy.
    The only complex thing was the replacement of the so-called game mechanic of the online version into a menu bases Renpy navigation incl. avoidance of the text duplication which is required for the HTML-based online version .

    Since I saw this transfer as a finger exercise to get used to Renpy the game hasn’t any “pipes and drums”.
    The whole thing took me incl. testing 3 to 4 weeks (approx. 50 to 60 hours – if I remember right).

    • Cool, later this week, I will release the 1960×1080 images I made for the game version that you can use.

      • Hi Ariane, in part 3 there are the following highres images missing:


        These are the images where Rachel stands before the big monitor to present her photograph.

      • That’s because they don’t exist in high-res. It’s a composite with an overlay. Here is the overlay in PNG format:

      • I was assuming that you’ve used an overlay but I wasn’t secure about this. You used the same technique which you would use in Renpy. Thanks for the overlay.

      • Hi Ariane,

        I found a linking error on page “rachelariane3o”. The story path uses the image ‘takephotonude3″ but the link for the hires version of this image leads to ‘takephotonude1′(!!!)

        And now the good news:
        “Rachel and Ariane (HD) – The Game” is ready – at least part 1 to 4.
        I would send you the Renpy scripts but couldn’t found any contact info

  • wow I happy to see your add more to the story. Excited to see a path 3. But can you please make Rachel and Ariane have bigger natural boobs. Thanks.

  • When will you release the new game?

  • Ariane, You are the only one girl that i have started Liking the most!!!😍I don’t know if you looks the same in real life also but you have stolen and these words are coming straight from the bottom of my heart!!!btw lovely Ariane when will you gonna release a sequal of the SITA And Date Ariane??I hope to get a reply from my favourite girl (that’s you) soon!!!…..I will be waiting

  • How To Delete Save ?

  • Where are the Save Files?

  • Can you fix somethings in the air
    It says im not allowed to open the game.

  • Wait, I could swear I’ve already read part 5.


    Rachel and Ariane attend a New Year’s party, have a deep and meaningful talk about their relationship and significance of sex, and decide to try giving a serious relationship a go.

  • Hi Ariane,

    Being a developer and a hobbyist graphics designer, I have always liked your games and art.

    I would be more than willing to help you create more games in my free time. I’ve never noticed you collaborate with anyone before, so, I am not sure you want to. However, if you are open to it, let me know.


  • how do i download it?

  • It sucks that the new book won’t be released anytime soon, but I get it. I am new to them and have enjoyed them a lot. There as so many combinations and the people look amazing. You did a wonderful job with these and I hope to see more in the future with even more complex situations.

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