The Rebecca Trilogy 3: Rebecca Stays The Night


We need to swim first before meeting Rebecca, So start with Backyard Picnic this time:

Have a drink
Go inside
Dance in the living room
Play romantic playlist
Kiss her while dancing
Dip and kiss her neck
Go somewhere else
Go to the bedroom to get dressed (for casual version)
Get dressed and go for a drive (for dress version)
Wait for her in the hallway
Get in the drivers seat
Go downtown
Lingerie Store

Get past the lingerie puzzle see The Rebecca Trilogy 1 – Marco Polo for how Then we see Rebecca

Agree to drinks at the club with Ariane and Rebecca
Buy the next round of drinks
Let them continue to dance

There are two versions of what happens depending on how Ariane is dressed.

Once you are back at Ariane’s there are a few possibilities here, lets start with:

Follow Rebecca
No, it wouldn’t be too presumptuous
Strip naked and join Rebecca in bed

or we can go with:

Wait in the hall
Go to the livingroom
Kiss her
Grab her breasts

-Casual version:

  Ask her to take her shirt off
  Rub her thighs
  Ask her to take her pants off
  Ask her to take her panties off

-or dress version:

  Massage her thigh
  Take off her dress
  Help her out of her dress
  Grab her butt

Or avoid the living room all together:

Go to the kitchen

Three choices all leading to funny Rebecca endings


  • É impossível ter relações com elas duas ?

  • so … I spent three evenings trying to have an affair with the two girls, and now I find out there’s no way! that’s too cruel!

  • The thing with Ariane after Rebecca passes out just doesn’t work. Can someone help?

    • i know this was a long time ago, but maybe this can help other people aswell. that kept happening to me, so i was playing around a little bit to see if i can find a way to drive to the lingerie store without having to make ariane drink two cups of wine for me to drive, and i did. you have to just order pizza and not drink wine until the very end where she spills pizza sauce on her shirt, and then go to the bathroom and she’ll put on a dress and go downtown. from there she should not be drunk enough to pass out with rebecca

  • For me, waiting in the hall ends the date because they are too drunk, and I haven’t found a way to get directly to the lingerie store after swimming without giving Ariane two drinks.

    • I got there in the end by adding the swim to one of the first two dinner starts, then I can get to those funny Rebecca endings without them being too drunk. I’m not sure why though, as the amount of wine Ariane drinks before leaving the house is the same.

  • I can only get the part where she says she is too drunk, or the Rebecca in bed endings, how do i get the others?

  • This was broken. You need to get to second base with Ariane before you go downtown or you end up with drunk Ariane and Rebecca. So I added dancing in the living room before driving downtown.

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