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Meet Wendy

The final potential date character of the game is Wendy who you may meet as a fitness trainer at the gym.  This story is sort of a bonus content that just shows up after you have been playing the game a few times, kind of like a DLC bonus mission.  I don’t want to give away the story of this

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Cosplay in 3D

As predicted I am back in “creative” mode, and working on Something’s In The Air most of my spare time.  My current project is to create an outdoor Sci-Fi/Fantasy Festival, a “Comic-Con” type festival, though that name is TM so I can’t actually call it that.  Even worse is that these festivals often have a lot of people dressed up

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Meet Paula

I know there hasn’t been a lot of posts this summer, in truth there has not been a lot of news to share in the topics I usually blog about.  In between various distractions, I have been working on Something’s In the Air, and have now finished story 5 of 5, with story 4 only half way done and story

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