Hopepunk City Case File: Max Points Dialog choices

These are the best choices to make in the dialogs you are likely to get in the game. Dialog choices are based on 1. friend points earned, and 2. Brevity. Choices that get you achievements will be marked as well. Of course you can choose what you want and live with the choices, this list is for people struggling to get enough points at various checkpoints.

Rachel Introduction

“Yes, I like dogs.” Rachel +1
“Nice of you to let them in to sell.” Rachel +1
“What are those old ads on the wall?” Rachel +1
“Do you have internet access here?” *Achievement Dorothy Parker Rachel +1 if not already 3

Meet Ariane

Note there are three versions of this depending on you origin:
SITA or AiP: “Awful” and “Yes, I remember all the fun adventures we had.” Ariane +2
New Character: “Thank you Comrade Ariane?” “Thanks for picking me. I’m really glad to be here.” Ariane +2
All characters: “I’m into Sports, especially outdoor sports” or “What are you interested in?” Ariane +1 if not already 3
Ariane +1

Meet Maya at Breakfast

“Oh that’s fine. Ariane described you as a private person.” Maya +1
“(wait for them to finish)” Maya +1

At this point, score should be Ariane 3 Rachel 3 Maya 2 *Achievement First Impressions

Ariane and Rachel

“How did you two fare during the civil wars?” Ariane +2 Rachel +2 *Achievement Tragedy Brought Us Closer
“How did you two get together?” Ariane +2 Rachel +2
“I hope the two of you are happy together.” (shortest) Ariane +2 Rachel +2

Grocery Store

“Here’s what I can find …” Rachel +1 Maya +1
“Offer to talk to Ariane” Rachel +1 Maya +1
Rachel +1 Maya +1

Maya’s Government and Philosophy Dialog

“How does Artema compare to the other 95…” *Achievement Disunited States Maya +1
“If Artema is a “liberal state”… Maya +1
“[Science] Putting Artificial Intelligence in charge…” *Achievement Artificial Intelligence Maya +1
“[Community] Why do people confuse this with communism?” *Achievement Capitalism and Communism Maya +1
“What does the “Anarcho” part mean?” Maya +1
Maya +2 (max total 3)

Ariane’s Hot Tub History

“That’s horrible” Ariane +1
“This sounds familiar” *Achievement Two Truths and a Lie
“That’s quite a legacy.” Ariane +1
“[Outdoor] Rachel does not seem the outdoor type” Ariane +1
“[Artist] Rachel seems to be into art and photography” Ariane +1
“That is always the case.” Ariane +1 (max total +3)

Meet Trish (Art interest only)
*Achievement Meet Trish
“Where do you get the materials?” Rachel +1
“I noticed most people wear clothing that is comfortable and functional.” Rachel +1
Ariane +1 Maya +1

Jogging to the Park (Outdoor or Community interest only)

*Achievement MUM Whisperer
“The problem is funding.” Ariane +2 Maya +2
Rachel +1

Rachel at the Window (Science interest only)

*Achievement Rachel’s New Clothes
“Nice. How does it work?” Rachel +1
“I guess the technology isn’t ready yet.” Rachel +1
Ariane +1 Maya +1

Play Ball with Dinky

“Pick up the ball and throw it behind the couch.” Dinky +1

Security Training (if security is the first thing you learn)

*Achievement Secure with Ariane
“What career options are in Security?” Ariane +1
Ariane +1

Technology Training (if technology is the first thing you learn)

*Achievement Certified Tech Rachel
“Do you need a science degree to get into climate control?” Rachel +1
Rachel +1

Cooking Training (if cooking is the first thing you learn)

*Achievement Cooking with Maya
“Any career advice?” Maya +1
Maya +1

Ariane To The Rescue (triggers randomly after you get 10 Ariane like points)

*Achievement Thwarting Gatekeepers
“Don’t you have anything better to do than harass new residents?” Ariane +1
Ariane +2

Rachel takes your photo (triggers randomly after you get 10 Rachel like points)

*Achievement Photo by Rachel
“Nice job, I like it. What’s the background from?” Rachel +1
Rachel +2

Maya on the Roof (triggers randomly after you get 10 Maya like points)

*Achievement The Greenhouse
“No, I don’t know you that well and I wasn’t sure.” Maya +1
Maya +2



“How did you two end up in different countries after the war?” Rachel +1
Ariane +2 Rachel +2 Maya +2

Sexuality Meeting

“What does Aspec mean?” Rachel +1
“I wouldn’t mind being one of Maya’s friends with benefits” Maya +1
Ariane +2 Rachel +2 Maya +2

Note: This scene has info about asexuality and aromanticism to help explain Rachel and Maya’s feelings toward love and sex. If you just want to skip it, select “You are both asexual?” then “I don’t need to know anything else.” You will not lose any achievements.

Naked Comedy

“Let’s watch a movie.” Ariane +1
Keep your clothes on” Ariane +1
Ariane +2

Maya Watching the news
Maya +3

Group Photo Ariane +1 Maya +1 Rachel +1

*Achievement Group Nude Photo (need like level at 24 at normal, 27 at hard)

Maya’s Questions to Rachel

“It is possible they won’t say anything more to me.” Maya +1
Maya +2

Rachel and Sasha

“What’s the culture like there?” Rachel +1
Rachel +2

Go Swimming with Ariane (triggers randomly after you get 20 Ariane like points, but you only get max 2 level 20 dialogs)

*Achievement Swimming with Ariane
Ariane +3

Remote Photography with Rachel (triggers randomly after you get 20 Rachel like points, but you only get max 2 level 20 dialogs)

*Achievement Ruins of War
“I’m OK with that, this place looks sketchy as hell.” Rachel +1
Rachel +2

Solar Farm with Maya (triggers randomly after you get 20 Maya like points, but you only get max 2 level 20 dialogs)

*Achievement Renewable Energy
Maya +3

Ariane Wants Adventure (triggers after Ariane like is at 29 normal or 32 hard, before week 9, or 27 normal, 30 hard at week 9)

“Rachel doesn’t seem boring to me.” Ariane +1
“Sure, I’d like that.” Ariane +1

Date with Ariane see Case File Dating Ariane


Game Night

“Yes, I’ll join” Ariane +1 Rachel +1 Maya +1
* Achievement Crazy Eight Losers if game ends with two roommates naked not including yourself

Note: The following dialogs are about Ariane and Rachel overcoming their differences, If you get Ariane or Rachel to move in with you, they will not trigger. If you attempted but failed to get Ariane or Rachel to move in, they will still trigger. The Ariane and Rachel romance stories are covered in other case files.

Ariane on the Couch Ariane +1

Rachel’s idea Rachel +1

Rachel builds a wall Ariane +1 Rachel +1

Hot Tub with Maya Maya +2

Ariane and Rachel fooling around Ariane +1 Rachel +1

Maya takes you to Twiddler Commons (triggers randomly after you get 30 Maya like points, but you only get one level 30 dialog)

*Achievement Being Friendly with Maya
“I love it.” Maya +1
Maya +2

Ariane Takes you shopping (triggers randomly after you get 30 Ariane like points, but you only get one level 30 dialog)

*Achievement Shopping with Ariane
“So food is not scarce, but food variety is?” Ariane +1
Ariane +2

Rachel takes you to Twiddler Commons (triggers randomly after you get 30 Rachel like points, but you only get one level 30 dialog)

*Achievement Twiddler Commons
Rachel +3

And that is it, there are no additional likes available in the end game, and any additional likes in the late game come from scheduled activities or gifts

While it is impossible to max all the dialog likes in a single game, the max for each player through dialog = 38 and 1 for Dinky

There are also points available via marketplace purchases and scheduled activities, see those case files for more information.