Hopepunk City Case File: Romancing Rachel and Other Side Quests

This Case File explains how to get the 6 achievements that aren’t covered in the other Case Files. Chances are you will stumble on these accidentally, but here are the exact ways. Four involve Rachel, and two involve Maya. Note: All of these achievements are blocked in censored mode, so make sure you are playing in “Normal” or “Hard” mode.

Getting to Assistant Photographer:

  1. Have an interest in art – in the dialog where you meet Ariane, say you are interested in Art
  2. Learn a skill right away, doesn’t matter what
  3. Buy a TV as soon as you can, makes learning skills faster
  4. Learn a second skill, again does not matter what. Otherwise you will have to wait until week 7 and that may be too late.
  5. Once the second skill is learned, you should get an “Advanced Training” option and thanks to the art interest, you can learn photography.
  6. Once learned, Rachel will ask you to be her assistant. Take it.

On your first day on the job, Rachel will ask to take a “sexy” picture of you. Selecting “Will this involve nudity?” then “Naked it is then” will get you an achievement.
*Achievement Nude Player Photo Pose nude for Rachel

The reason why you should learn a second skill and not wait until week 7, is because timing is important for the next achievement. Most play throughs will get the “Rachel and Sasha” dialog, where you meet a nude model that Rachel works for and then you leave them alone to work.

If you reach the “Rachel and Sasha” dialog and you are employed as an assistant photographer, you assist Rachel in her work with Sasha and the dialog is expanded with lots more nudity.
*Achievement Sasha’s Box Be an assistant photographer when Sasha comes to visit to see what is in her box.

The next two achievements involve another career with Rachel, in this case not a boss but a co-worker, as a Weather Controller.

Getting to Weather Controller:

  1. Have an interest in Science – in the dialog where you meet Ariane, say you are interested in Science
  2. Learn a skill right away, you will need to learn technology, but it doesn’t need to be first
  3. Buy a TV as soon as you can, makes learning skills faster
  4. Learn a second skill. If you did not learn technology first, learn technology second.
  5. Once the second skill is learned, you should get an “Advanced Training” option and thanks to the science interest, you can Climate Science.
  6. Once learned, the job board will offer you a position as a Weather Controller. Take it.
  7. Rachel must be at like 27 (Normal, 30 Hard), you must not have started romancing Ariane, or already turned her down, and the scene where Rachel and Ariane make out semi nude on the couch shouldn’t have happened yet.

If all the conditions are met, another professor will visit the weather lab looking for volunteers for an experiment he wants to try right away. He is a neurologist, and the experiment sounds questionable, but picking “Paula, does that sound feasible?” then “What do you think Rachel?” then “OK, if Rachel is OK, then I am OK. Let’s do it.”

I won’t spoil the sci-fi surprise here, but the result is that you and Rachel start having feelings for one another, leading to an achievement.
*Achievement Spoiler 9 Participate in a neurological experiment with Rachel

You and Rachel spend the night together. The next week, Rachel will come to you with a proposal of moving out of Ariane’s room and sharing a bedroom with you, and if you accept that leads to the next achievement.
*Achievement Spoiler 10 Rachel moves in with you.

Romancing Maya

Maya is not actually romanceable, being an aromantic, but there is a scene you can reach at almost the very end of the game that is the next best thing. To get there the following conditions need to be met:

  1. Completion of the end game where you avoid war
  2. Maya must be at like level 37 (Normal, 40 Hard)
  3. You cannot have had sex with either Rachel or Ariane, and Rachel and Ariane are happily together again.
  4. You must have a full room: TV, Video game, and cat
  5. You must not be a Statistical Analyst working for Maya, Maya wouldn’t do anything unethical.
  6. You are not playing in censored mode, and did not pick a sexual orientation not attracted to women

If all the conditions are met, Maya will have an “indecent proposal” for you, leading to an achievement.
*Achievement Spoiler 11 Accept Maya’s Offer

The other roommates will hear of course and will interrupt you. Apparently something happened in the past that has them concerned. This leads to a “household meeting” whose outcome is another achievement.
*Achievement Spoiler 12 Accept Ariane’s Offer

There are other odd easter eggs in the game where decisions you make in one dialog affect the outcome of another. Some of these I seriously considered to make into achievements, but they are often too hard or obscure. The ones above are obscure enough. But keep your eye out for others (hint: Go down the conspiracy rabbit hole with the robot programming boss, then go on a date with Ariane and go to Lizzard’s Nightclub, the conversation with the confidential informant will make a lot more sense.)