Hopepunk City Case File: Plan the Week

Besides buying stuff in the market, the other weekly thing you do is plan your week. This is a guide to the best activities to getting and keeping your job, and getting the most roommate likes.

You are scheduling for three slots, morning, afternoon, and evening, and you will basically be doing these activities all week. Obviously, daily routines will vary throughout the week — for example work is typically 3 to 4 days a week in Artema, not 7, but in the interest of keeping things simple, the game’s scheduling system ignores that.

Here is a list of things you can choose from, I’ll do it in order of important stuff you should know:

“Clean house / cook meals / walk the dog”

  • First thing you need to know is you have to schedule this once a month for the first two months or you will get kicked out of the house. You get 4 like points for doing this: One each from Ariane, Maya, Rachel and Dinky.
  • Second thing you need to know is that unless you are trained in cooking, doing this a second time during a month is a waste of time. If you are trained in cooking you get another 4 like points for the second week of chores, otherwise 0, and after twice in a month, you get 0 points for this.
  • This can be scheduled for morning afternoon or evening, in fact there are different graphics depending on what time of the day you schedule it.

“Learn (any) skills”

  • To get this as an option, buy a training kit in the market, it can be scheduled for morning afternoon or evening.
  • If you are working, and don’t have a TV, training takes two weeks, because you can only schedule one training session per week.
  • If you are NOT working, you can squeeze it all into one week by scheduling two training sessions in the same week. This is a great way to get a medium paying job very early: On week 1, stay unemployed, buy a training kit (technology, cooking, or security), schedule TWO training sessions in the same week. On week 2 you will get offered a better paying first job (robot repair, bartender, or security agent), but you wont have any money to buy anything in the market on week 2, because you haven’t got paid yet.
  • Once you own a tv, the three base skill kits only take a week. As you need training in a second skill to get a higher paying job, investing in a TV early is a good idea. Advanced skills are only available after you buy a TV, learn two skills, or get to week 7.


  • Not a time waster, you must schedule some relaxation time at least once every other week, or the stress will ruin your job performance, and you will be fired from your job. Early on, relaxation is done by sitting in your room and staring at the wall, but relaxing can be enhanced as time goes on and you get to know your roommates.
  • Often, if you relax with a roommate, you get free like points for whoever you relax with. This is chosen for you at random.
  • Morning relax time is always in your room, it can be enhanced to watching TV if you own one, playing video games if you own a video game console, playing video games with Rachel if you own both the TV and the video games, watching porn if you own the porn video.
  • You might get multiple relax options to schedule, depending on what you own.
  • Afternoon relax time is spent in your room for the first couple of weeks, but then mostly spent watching TV in the living room. One of the roommates, Ariane, Rachel, Maya or Dinky, will watch with you, and you will get a free like point from whoever does join you. This is an unlimited source of free like points. Owning porn blocks the extra like points.
  • Evening relax time is spent relaxing in the hot tub (if playing in uncensored mode, otherwise it follows the rules of morning), where you are joined randomly by one of the roommates who will get naked with you if the like points they have for you is higher than 20. You will get a like point when they do, but this is limited to once per game per roommate, so after all 3 roommates join you once, that’s it.
  • *Achievement Everyone in the Hot Tub Get all three roommates to join you in the hot tub during the course of a single game.

“Go for a morning run” / “Go for an afternoon run”

  • This option shows up only if you work in a job where you are required to be in good physical shape, but do not do a job that gets you exercise. Basically bartender or server. In addition to the relax at least once every two weeks requirement, these also require exercise at least once every two weeks, or you will get out of physical shape and lose your job. It is only available during the morning and afternoon windows.

“Exercise with exercise tape”

  • This option is available once you purchase an exercise tape from the market. Certain jobs, bartenders, servers, and couriers, require that you be in good physical shape and stay exercised. Running and playing augmented reality games is only available in mornings or afternoons. Exercising in your room with the tape, is available anytime.

“Play Augmented Reality Game”

  • This option is available once you purchase either the augmented reality phone game from the market, or the video game console with augmented reality goggles from the market. Certain jobs, bartenders, servers, and couriers, require that you be in good physical shape and stay exercised. Getting these jobs in the first place require getting in shape, and playing augmented reality is not as effective as running or exercise tape, it takes two weeks to get in shape via gaming, but it is a fun way to keep in shape once you land the job.
  • If you have the video game console, one of your roommates (Ariane, Maya, Rachel, or Dinky) will randomly join you on your outdoor adventures, and you get a free like point for them when they do. This is an unlimited source of free like points, so it is something you want to do often, even if you don’t need the exercise credit.
  • *Achievement Playing in the Street Play Augmented Reality games with all three roommates in the course of one game.

“Hang Out with Roommates”

  • This is an evening only choice that only shows up once you have done the “Clean house / cook meals / walk the dog” choice for the current month. You will hang out with a random roommate (Ariane, Maya, Rachel, or Dinky), and you get a free like point for them when you do. This is an unlimited source of free like points, so it is something you want to do when you can. Hanging out does not count as relaxing or exercise, it is just for a like point.


  • This is the most common scheduled activity, as it is automatically added to your schedule in the right slot depending on what job you are currently employed to do. Jobs are typically part time and three to four days a week, but scheduling does not take that into account. Days off are spent in gyms or spas if you are a member, or just free time you don’t need to schedule.
  • When you are unemployed, you will have three slots to fill instead of just two.