Moving In #2: House Warming Gifts

This story is a remake of a post from Jan 2020 that was illustrated using new models for Ariane and Rachel that I was experimenting with. Within a month I decided to mark the experiment a failure, but only recently did I remake the images with their current model. So the next three weeks of “Pictures of the Week” will be remakes of these stories.

Rachel: Hey, how’s the painting going.

Ariane: I should be done with this wall by the end of the day.

Rachel: Good.  Remember when we talked this morning about each of us getting something new for the apartment?  I just bought something and I want to show you.

Ariane: Me too! Let me get down from the ladder and I’ll show you what I got.

Rachel: So are you going to paint this whole room red like your house?

Ariane: No just that wall.  I was thinking blue for the wall near the stairs and green for the balcony.  I’m trying to decide between neon green and forest green.

Rachel: I like the green on your apron.

Ariane: Dark turquoise green.  Yeah that might work.  Haven’t decided on the columns yet, they are so inconveniently placed.

Rachel: Well they are keeping 20 stories of building from falling on top of us, so they are staying.

Ariane: Good point.  So I got us a Cubert.  This little robot guy is similar to Amazon Echo or Google Home in that it is a voice activated home assistant.  But instead of a boring can of beans shape, it’s shaped like a robot.

Rachel: Can it do robot things?

Ariane: It’s head will look at you when you ask it a question, and it’s arms do basic gestures depending on it’s response.

Rachel: It’s also got legs and feet, can it walk?

Ariane: Why don’t you ask it?

Rachel: Hey Cubert, can you walk?

Cubert: No, but I am mobile. Can you carry me?

Ariane: Did I mention it has a bit of a weird personality?

Rachel: Awesome. I love it. Kind of cute, too.

Rachel: But my gift might be cuter, let me get it out.

Ariane: What do you have in the box Rachel?

Rachel: I have…

… a little doggo.

Ariane: Oh my god, you got us a puppy!  I love it!

Rachel: She’s a bit of a mutt, not sure what species, but she seems friendly enough.  She’s already been spayed and had her shots.  We just need to name her.


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