SITAR Preview 5: Rachel Meets Ariane Remastered

No need to wait for me to remaster the sequel to Something’s In The Air, I already did, and conveniently combined it as part of Something’s In The Air Redux.

Rachel Meets Ariane is no longer it’s own game, it is an epilogue story that unlocks on SITAR after you reach 20 of the endings and do the first bonus ending path.

First 4 images in this post are slideshows, click on arrows to see old versions of images to compare.

The original stand alone game started with you making choices about what happened in SITA, then same way that SITA started with choices of what happened with Date Ariane. Now that the games are combined, those questions are unnecessary.

Just go to the gallery, and it will show you the last SITA path you played as a starting point. If you don’t want to start there, it gives you a list of 7 others to choose from, that represent the 7 main variants that Rachel Meets Ariane use to change the story, especially chapters 2 and 5. A breakdown of endings can be found here.

There were several parts of the original story that had to be rewritten. The original had Rachel as bisexual, and Ariane as Hetero but bi-curious. Since SITAR has Rachel as pansexual and Ariane as bisexual, and the possibility of the player character being female, that changed several scenes.

While the player character never shows up in this story, the story does refer to the player character at times, and will use the last name and gender chosen in the Character screen. Choices made in bonus ending 1 also affect the story in places, but I won’t spoil how here.

Another tie in is that SITAR characters mentioned or that make an appearance in Rachel Meets Ariane will have new notebook entries based on what happens in this epilogue. Especially, Ariane, Rachel, Paula, Lydia, and Heidi.

Chapter 3 has 12 different endings, and the endings seen are shown in the notebook. You can use the visual guide on this page to show how to get to the missing endings.

Chapter 4 has 3 endings, all of which have entries in the Notebook, and of course finishing all 5 chapters will fill in several notebook entries.

Bonus RMA outtake


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